14.11.2017 0 Автор Алексей

Второй хотфикс для 787. Список изменений под спойлером

Version 1.0.2 (released 11-12-2017)


– Random CTDs while weather radar is operating
– CTD when loading panelstate after loading saved flight
– Problems maintaining altitude when using FSUIPC
– A/T Speed mode is unable to hold airspeed at very high cruise altitudes
– Mach number cannot be changed in certain scenarios
– FLCH engagement selected speed logic
– Autopilot initially turns into opposite direction upon localizer capture
– ILS: frequency autotuning
– ILS: Runway course gets tuned even if localizer not intercepted yet
– ILS: unable to capture at high intercept angles
– Pressurization: Cabin alt descends below airport elevation at high altitude airports
– Fuel: center tank scavenge system
– Fuel flow and fuel tank quantity not affected by KGS option
– Arming spoilers using joystick axis
– FSUIPC assigned flap axis is reversed
– Inboard spoilers remain slightly extended after go around
– PFD/ND: Text overlaps
– PFD: 3rd airspeed digit cutoff in compact mode
– ND: Unable to exit PICK WPT mode on FO ND MAP
– ND: FIX/ETOPS range ring not showing when waypoint is out of map range
– ND: ETOPS line style changed
– ND: Button highlight boxes not showing on full ND mode
– ND: Map scale incorrect in full plan mode
– ND: Airport map not displayed correctly for highly complex airports
– ND: Airport map display misaligned in crosswind
– ND: wide FO side menu clickspot does not cover entry select box (only the diamond)
– 2D DU popups cannot be closed by clicking the light sensor
– CDU: VNAV CRZ Page LSK 6L typo
– CDU: FIX page radial only option
– CDU: FIX page maximum distance increased
– CDU: setting cruise IAS manually does not affect airspeed
– CDU: Mouse highlight not working on FIX page
– CDU: Help message not matching selected weight unit
– CDU: RTE page CO route cut off
– TCP: frequency tuning
– EFB: CTD when pressing PGDN button
– EFB: Departure chart clip page only shows page 1/1
– EFB: XFR button not working on 2D popup
– FS Setting: incompatibility with “true airspeed” FS speed setting
– FS Setting: incompatibility with “metric” FS altitude setting
– QW Dispatcher: unable to find FSX Steam path
– QW Dispatcher: changing units does not affect aircraft
– QW Dispatcher: Bulk Cargo weight issues
– QWCAS Sound improvements


– Flight Controls using keyboard arrow keys
– Autopilot disconnect and warning sound cancel using key command
– EFB: invalid autobrake settings highlighted in yellow
– EICAS: ‘COMM’ memo when new COMM message received

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