Релиз SP1c для всей линейки NGX

Релиз SP1c для всей линейки NGX

04.03.2012 6 Автор Алексей

Зарелизился долгожданный SP1c для 737 NGX. Исправлено достаточное количество ошибок, и самое главное, в свет выпущен SDK для этой модели, что означает свободу действий сторонним разработчикам. Надеюсь мы теперь скоро увидим релизы продуктов от FS2Crew для этой модели. Список исправлений и обновлений, а так же линки на скачивание под катом.
The following items were updated as a result of our normal course of continued work/investigation/tuning:

  • REV limits for 900 series airplanes
  • IAS behavior at TOGA after acceleration
  • Changes to DU redraw logic for improved efficiency
  • mathematical model for ToC display position and distance for “special” flightplan legs.
  • pushback distance to-go calculation tweaked. (not perfect yet- thank you ACES…)
  • altitude intervention allowed if VNAV is not active. [fltpln and FMC checks still performed]
  • SDK behavior related to accelerated knob/switch movements
  • SDK behavior to allow direct setting of certain external events
  • APU Starter stress limits are reset with APU failure reset/servicing.
  • SDK export of certain data related to pressurization corrected.
  • Livery Manager now able to sort liveries alphabetically.
  • Fixed 900/900WL VC Low Resolution Option to display properly
  • 2D and 3D Table loading routines.
  • Starter Cutout Behavior.
  • Idle descent path prediction with EAI.
  • Livery Manager now allows alphabetic sorting of installed liveries.
  • Livery Manager more gracefully handles existing installed liveries during a reinstall.


  • Functionality fixes to zoom-in display popups
  • Transition ALT/LEVEL + ACCEL/EO/THR RED/RESTORE altitude entries NOT rounded to within 10 feet
  • Distance data for active after state reload in air with active DTO
  • Auto page switch from CLB?DES page at tend of ACT CRZ CLB or CRZ DES to relevant page
  • STEP AL Entry when offset RTE active
  • In case of exactly 4 transitions 4th not shown in CDU STAR/APP page
  • Partial airway load problem in the database due to Navigraph indexing confusion
  • 3 digit wind output string
  • DIST to end of CRZ DES
  • Reload saved state panel after ToD
  • Multiple instances where CTD may result during a load flight state.
  • Light leaks on 2D panel
  • Flap limit placard now correct in 600/700
  • LED Digit and illumination colors
  • Yaw Damp additive when deflected by pilot
  • K1 and K3 relays no longer able to get out of sequence and produce an endless power supply.
  • Loading saved flight with gear handle in OFF position no longer triggers IN TRANSIT lights
  • Standby altimeter baro sync behavior
  • Cabin pressure evolution no longer possible on the ground with packs OFF and switching mode AUTO->MAN->AUTO
  • Flap maneuver speeds display during approach
  • REV indication no longer displayed with engines shut down.
  • Hi speed buffet limits on approach correctly shows onl Flaps 1/5/15/30 positions.
  • Handling of various items after FMS reset.
  • Main and Aux Battery Voltage correctly saves with flight and panel state.
  • Missed approach holds in MOD RTE in white instead of cyan.
  • Erroneous autoland advisories in FAIL PASS equipment following in flight option change.
  • N1 light illuminated and N1 can be deselected during VNAV SPD.
  • Load state with active wpt a DTO and on course now correctly handled.
  • Exception in RTE page update with offset active and page half empty.
  • CDU Options page sound device functionality.
  • Certain conditions could cause fuel system to fail to recognize out of quantity condition.
  • AIII glidepath indication displacement incorrect on HUD.
  • Magenta depiction after capturing DTO course at precisely 180 degrees.
  • Decel circles for speed restriction altitude (e.g.10000′) disappear when a waypoint is restricted with the same altitude.
  • CTD on very large entry for ross weight (Too many characters) in PERF INIT page.
  • Entering/Deleting STEP altitude resets speed restriction (e.g. 250/10000)
  • Update distance to active on ground required for various key vertical path markers
  • F/D behavior on G/A if F/D was biased out of view.

In addition to these fixes, there were a bout 30-40 other items that got tweaked, tuned or improved for processor efficiency- but they aren’t anything that you would see or interact with so they aren’t worth mentioning here… (and a bunch we just forgot to enter into the tracking system… oops.)

Download the PMDG 737NGX Base Package SP1c Update

Download the PMDG 737NGX 6700 Expansion SP1c Update

(Option: If you are interested in saving the accumulated flight time on your various liveries, back up the files contained in your FSX\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft directory, then run the livery manager and uninstall your liveries…After you get your liveries re-installed, just copy all of these ini files back- and you’ll be right where you left off. We are working on a long-term solution for this headache- but it didn’t make this update…)

Run both installers (order shouldn’t matter)…

Run the livery manager, and reinstall your liveries.

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