SimAirport – симулятор сценостроителя

SimAirport – симулятор сценостроителя

08.03.2017 9 Автор Yofich

В ранний доступ в Steam вышла игра про строительство портов. Забрать можно тут за 419р. Подробности ниже.

Your Airport: Completely built by you…

Roads, taxiways, runways
Terminals, food courts, first class & coach queues, every detail
Control towers, runway navaids & lighting, baggage systems, hangars, etc.

Two Gameplay Modes

Sandbox — unlimited funds, no bankruptcy
Career — challenge yourself & try to turn a profit


Deep Systems-Based Gameplay: everything has purpose, nothing is purely aesthetic
Airlines: 15+ each with unique liveries, desires & cares, and passengers
Aircraft: assortment of 14+ aircraft, twin turboprop to 4-engine turbine
Actively developed with regular ongoing updates; developers active in community

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