SP2 для iFly 737NG выйдет в течении одного-двух ближайших дней

SP2 для iFly 737NG выйдет в течении одного-двух ближайших дней

30.03.2011 0 Автор Алексей

В ближайшее время будет доступен второй сервис-пак для 737 от iFly. Так же в скором времени выйдет версия самолета для FSX. Стоимость для владельцев лицензии версии для FS2004 составит не более 15$. Список обновлнеий и исправлений в грядущем сервиспаке достаточно внушительный:

LNAV and Navdata

We have made some major improvements in the way the aircraft handles conditional waypoints and modified the Navdata, while createing a new tool for Navigraph to allow improve future airac’s. I think when you add a route with your arrival and departure you will see a difference in the way it is drawn on the ND.

Localiser Approaches

We have fixed this issue and the aircraft will now fly these approaches without issue

Excess Data Errror

When you now use the My Config tool you will see an additional section on the final page where you can add the length of runways that can seen in the ND.

Goflight Driver

We have coded the alpha version driver into this build as a little bonus. Please set Goflight to use default aircraft. The knob on the FO’s course is not functioning along with the illuminations for the buttons when making a selection. As soon as we get a chance we will release an update for this.

One Improved VC Texture

The team have updated VC texture VC_04_T remember to copy it to all liveries replacing the old texture.

Other fixes include those listed below.

1. The config tool can set “ATC ID”, “ATC Airline” and “UI Variation” for every plane.
2. Add with/without VNAV ALT logic.
3. The SEL/OAT can be set always display in Celsius
4. The pitch limit indication can be display at low speed.
5. Every GPWS altitude callout can be set to play or not.
6. Add GPWS sensitivity option.
7. Add with/without double derate logic.
8. Add realistic DU start process
9. Add airport filter to only display airport with more than specify length of runway.
10.Add VREF Flap and Speed to PFD
11.Add Option for FS2Crew Voice edition
12. Checklists created by Sylvain Coolsaet available via the Knee board.

There are over 50 fixes in this build many have never been reported in the forum, but issues our real world crews identified. I know everyone has a particular issue they would like fixed, but this build was not about that. All the remaining bugs will be fixed in the Feature Pack , so if you try this and an issue you reported is still there it will be fixed for FP.

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