Список исправлений для Prepar 3D v 2.0

Список исправлений для Prepar 3D v 2.0

22.01.2014 32 Автор Алексей

Список фиксов которые планируется поправить в ближайших  патчах. Он большой – потому вся борода под спойлером :)

Updated on 12/20: the next release/patch will likely be a 2.05 that will include the fixes below and possibly some more as we fix them. We are targetting January for this patch/release, then will start on the v2.1 features we mentioned before. Thanks again for all your support of Prepar3D v2!

Updated on 01/18: still working on open issues, I’ve updated the bug lists below. Making great progress and still tracking to a patch this month. Thanks again for all your support of Prepar3D v2!

Issues being worked on:

Current fixed issues:

Installer Issues Resolved

  • Installer Error – could not write value to complete to key

Crashes Resolved

Weather and Cloud Related Issues Resolved

  • Weather/Cloud Bug – Weather and cloud coverage issues with 7/8 in the UI not applying
  • Weather/Cloud Bug – Cumulus type receive NO cloud bottoms from the cumulus01 bitmap
  • Weather/Cloud Bug – Only one texture from each cloud group is being used
  • Weather/Cloud Bug – During any weathersetobservation from simconnect there is a “zero” altitude wind layer inserted at 75deg C
  • Weather/Cloud Bug – In basic weather, setting wind speed to none does not clear wind speed

Rendering, Performance and Backwards Compatibility Related Issues Resolved

Controls Related Issues Resolved

Other Issues Resolved

SimConnect and SDK Related Issues Resolved

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