ToLiSs – Airbus A319 для X-Plane 11

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Если мне не изменяет память, то в этом месяце мы можем увидеть в продаже ToLiSs – Airbus A319. Модель будет включать два типа двигателей (CFM и IAE). Что интересно, по заверениям создателей, 3D кабину они получили от Flight Factor. Пока же можно посмотреть видео с бета-теста. Обсуждение проекта тут. А по системам они планируют вот так:

  • Detailled FMGS:
    – Support of SID/STAR, including all leg types (Arc, course of heading to intercept, Radius to Fix, Holdings, you name it)
    – Temporary and alternate flight plans
    – Full VNAV with TOC, TOD, Deceleration point, speed limits, fuel prediction etc.
    – Altitude and speed constraints as the real aircraft deals with them
    – Ability to change your selected STAR while you are flying through it
    – Support for go-arounds and diversions
    – Step altitudes
    – Airway support
    – 2 independent MCDUs and autopilots
  • Top-notch aircraft systems:
    – We are the successor of the QPAC Fly-by-wire and autopilot module
    – Brake temperature model based on the detailled physics of heat transfer between the individual brake components
    – Hydraulics model in which the pressure is dependent on usage. You will appreciate this feature should you ever drop to RAT mode
    – Detailled model of each ADIRU including alignment, small pressure sensor differences between the units, switching of sources for PFDs
    – Custom air conditioning model supporting high altitude operations at airports like Cusco in Peru or La Paz in Bolivia without spurious warnings
    – Flight warning system with ECAM actions supporting numerous system failure scenarios, e.g. engine failures, generator failures, hydraulic failures.
  • Eye- and ear-candy:
    – 3D cockpit and 3D exterior model provided by Roman from Flight Factor
    – Custom sounds for all systems, engine sounds, APU etc. based on almost 80 custom samples
    – For training purposes you can also use a 2d instrument panel, which is sometimes easier to use.
  • Useability features:
    – Situation loading and saving. So you can save your flight at any point in time and resume it another day. You can also save the position just before approach and practice just the approach as often as you like. Autosaving allows you to recover where you left off, should your Xplane session end unexpectedly.
    – Jumping waypoint-to-waypoint through the cruise phase: Shorten your flight to focus on the more interesting parts as you like.


Далеко не во всём разбираюсь, что касается авиасимуляторов, но очень к этому стремлюсь, совсем недавно стал писать обзоры и новости на этом сайте. Нетерпим к хамству и заносчивости. Всегда рад помочь, но не всегда есть на это время.


  1. Совсем ничего последнее время не понимаю, старею что ли? Зачем Flight Factor давать прямым конкурентам 3Д кабину???


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