X-Life ver 2.1 beta 3 – добавляем реальный трафик в Х-Plane.

X-Life ver 2.1 beta 3 – добавляем реальный трафик в Х-Plane.

11.12.2017 15 Автор Aleksey

Владельцы платной/Deluxe версии известного дополнения JARDESIGN – X-LIFE DELUXE FOR X-PLANE 10/11, приносящего движение воздушных судов в наши аэропорты, могут испытать бета-версию этого плагина. Свежий вариант добавит нам реальный трафик, а не то как раньше, когда самолеты из Южной Америки бороздят просторы Европы и наоборот. Правда есть нюанс, кроме платности нужно интернет соединение, т.к. данные о бортах и расписании берутся с сервера.

Sure, I read “plan for future” topic well.

Our Long silence means just long coding. The next version 2.1 is designed to improve one of the problems of X-Life. I mean the inadequacy of airlines and airports. Some details for new feature:

– every time when you start traffic (I mean Deluxe version), your x-life plugin will send a request to the internet and “ask” to renew schedule info for your selected Arrival and Departure airports.
– this request executed on our server side and after this, actual schedule data come to our server from real-life data schedule provider.
– next – this data (sorted from actual ZULU time) come from our server to plugin
– so, your X-Life plugin have real schedule for actual ZULU time inside now
– next step – your X-Life plugin use real scheduler with this way:

> if aircraft library (Bluebell) have needed (exist in schedule) Aircraft/Livery for next flight number we will see it in traffic (for next generated slot) with actual Aircraft/Livery/ArrivalAirport/FlightNumber
> if aircraft library not have Aircraft/Livery for real flight, plugin will try to generate flight with Aircraft/Livery what exist for this airport in real schedule
> if no lack (like we mean most of GA flights) – autogeneration will use.

So, in most of big airports we will get a flights with real Aircraft/Livery/Arrival-Departure/FlightNumber flights and this is some improvement i think.

Sure, this is a public beta version and you may take part in beta tests.
If you are on version 2.0, you need put new .xpl file (attached) to your X-Life plugin folder instead of old.

Please not forget about ZIPs (with log.txt + xlife.dmp files) if crash will happen.

So, lets start our beta job! Thank you for using!

Тестируем, отписываемся в профильной ветке форума.

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