X-Plane 10.32

X-Plane 10.32

07.01.2015 3 Автор Алексей

QIP Shot - Screen 001 Кто готов потестить новую бету – обновляемся через апдейтер. Владельцам Стим-версии, увы эта обновка недоступна. Список изменений под спойлером.

Fixed in 10.32r1:

GNS map settings on the new GPS-units are now persistent per unit between X-Plane sessions
Fixed waypoint ID autocompletion not working after direct-to on new GPS
Added airports from the X-Plane airport scenery database to the new GPS – this allows for selection of small and grass airfields that have no instrument procedures
Fixed depiction of airports with soft/gravel/grass runways on the new GPS
Fixed avionics fan and warning systems working without electrical power
Fixed ATIS text-to-speech audible without electrical power
Fix crashes of ATC/AI system at airports near seaplane bases (notably PANC)
Fix crashes of ATC/AI system at airports with broken taxi networks
Fixed AI being unable to taxi some taildraggers or planes with swivelling nose wheel
Fixed AI being unable to restart engines after flameout
Fix crashes when spawning AI aircraft near water
Fixed unwanted repositioning after loading a different aircraft through a situation file
Fixed special situations (glider winch, tow) starting at the wrong airport after loading a situation file
Fixed loading glider winch from a situation file
Fixed unwanted repositioning when loading a new plane (runway selection is memorized now)
Fixed LOD settings for time demo – this fixes wrong benchmark results with nVidia hardware
Fixed crash with autogen buildings with more than 255 floors
Changes to navaids through the local map can now be permanently saved from there
Fixed glowing selection on Quick Flight window not working reliably
Improved simulation of engine start on fuel-injected recip engines. Now the typical “Lycoming” start procedure using the boost pump to prime and crank the engine with the mixture closed can be used to start an engine.
Added dataref sim/flightmodel2/engines/engine_fuel_in_intake float[8] to observe priming
Improved simulation of glider launch by a winch: The physical model of the winch now has a limited power output defined by cable speed and pulling force which is more realistic than an indefinitely strong winch
Added dataref sim/world/winch/winch_max_bhp float to set the maximum available winch power. Note that this is power at the cable, behind the wheel and all the transmissions and clutches, so it will be a lot lower than the raw engine power the winch is marketed with!
Added roll stabilization in the initial phase of the winch launch – that simulates the helpers running with your wingtips on the first few meters
Added an audio feedback on tow cable release (thanks to R.C. Simulations for providing the sound file)
Corrected groundspeed data-output to take pitch angle into account
Fixed data-input of brakes not working
Allow override of toe-brakes by plugin/data-input when no rudder pedal hardware is attached
Fixed replay of planes with fixed gear
Several improvements in ADSB-output for apps like X-Avion, Foreflight, FlyQ, WingX Pro, etc..
Support for the latest version of X-Avion
Fixed altitude datarefs of other planes not working in multiplayer mode
List of datarefs cleaned up a bit – more explanations added and typos fixed
New codesigned apps to work with Gatekeeper on OSX 10.9.5 and newer
Removed integral padding warnings from Log

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