757 Captain III Base Pack Hotfix 3

757 Captain III Base Pack Hotfix 3

09.06.2018 1 Автор Алексей

HOTFIX 3 (09JUN’18)
The 757 Captain III Base Pack Hotfix 3 is available which includes the following new features and enhancements:
– Aircraft shaking on the ground.
– VNAV jetway waypoints speed/altitude assignment.
– Takeoff/CLB EPR decreasing.
– Panel State saving of COMM, ADF, XPNDR, Parking Brake position/values.
– Captain’s viewpoint.
– The Engine Start Selector, YD, Emergency lights switches positions for Cold And Dark panel state.
– Scratchpad BASIC STATES filename overwriting.

New features:
– P3D4.1 backward compatibility.
– Default panel state option.

How can I get the Hotfix 3?
1. Make sure the 757 Captain III Base Pack 1.1 is installed.
2. Download the Hotfix 3 to any folder on your computer.
3. Make sure P3D4 is not running.
4. Double click the downloaded csy572_1103.exe file to install the Hotfix 3.

The Hotfix 3 will overwrite all mods to the original product (liveries etc).

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