757 Captain III Base Pack v1.301 для P3D4

757 Captain III Base Pack v1.301 для P3D4

22.01.2019 0 Автор Алексей

В связи со скорым выходом грузовой версии 757, CaptainSim выкатил апдейт для базовой модели, в которой соответственно в наличии совместимость с “грузовиком”, а также исправлены разные ошибки:

New features:
– Сompatibility with 757 Freighter Expansion.
– APU sound for exterior views.

– Landing and taxi lights LOW settings (ACE).

– “On APU” panel state issues.
– The flap and minimum maneuver speeds indication on the speed tape.
– Missing ACT ECON CRZ “EPR Display” LSK 3L.
– POS REF Page RNP/ANP manual input RNP.
– The ‘FAST/SLOW’ square on the original EADI.
– The CDU CLR key deletes one character from any text that was in the Scratchpad earlier.

How can I get the update?
1. Turn OFF your antivirus including default Windows Defender. Why?
2. Download the .exe file to any folder on your computer.
3. Make sure your simulator is not running.
4. Run the .exe file as Administrator and follow the installer prompts.

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