Active Sky для Prepar3D v4.3 – официальный релиз

Active Sky для Prepar3D v4.3 – официальный релиз

26.07.2018 0 Автор Aleksey

Официальный релиз Active Sky для Prepar3D v4.3 – версия 6773. Классные ребята, я не знаю более профессиональный подход в нашем с вами увлечении, при всём уважении ко всем остальным. Тихо, без шума и пыли выпустить бесплатное обновление и пойти дальше заниматься своими делами – строить новый продвинутый погодник.

Больше информации под спойлером

 ⦁ Privacy Policy display/process fixes including fix for repeating policy acceptance form after previously being accepted
⦁ Additional “cut off text” fixes for main form at 150% and 1280×800 resolution
⦁ Added new functionality and “Default local IP adress” option when multiple local IP addresses for the ASP4 computer have been detected, and allows confirmation/selection of the desired IP address – This will resolve issues in some rare networking configurations where ASP4 previously may not choose the correct default IP address – Does not effect most users
⦁ Added new Privacy Policy display and form allowing user to accept or cancel/close. When policy is updated, it will be shown again and user asked to accept or cancel/close – Find our latest privacy policy at
⦁ Adjusted font sizing for certain main screen UI elements to prevent “cut off text” in some font-scaled modes
⦁ P3D v4 compatibility updates
⦁ Added airport and data station EGNK (you must update your local station database or manually add this station to see this change)
⦁ API: Added a way to add custom weather (using CustomWeather.xml) using lat/lon
⦁ Fixed issues and added additional handling related to loading/saving/sharing weather files
⦁ Fixed issue with manual wx setting gusting speed >0 and wind speed >99
⦁ Fixed problem with XGauge display “PRE” button toggle in TOPS mode where display would not properly show echo tops
⦁ Added additional warning text in custom weather setting when tstorm/precip/CB settings are inconsistent which might present unexpected results

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