Active Sky несколько апдейтов

Active Sky несколько апдейтов

20.06.2020 0 Автор Aleksey

Сразу три апдейта прилетело от Active Sky – ASXP Open Beta 7475, ASP3D Open Beta B7472,  Cloud Art B7471, для тех установит новую бету для P3D, обязательно обновите Cloud Art.

Active Sky XP B7475

Update 061920 – June 19, 2020

  • Fix for Oculus fix version of X-Plane 11.41r1 causing crash when used with ASXP
  • Fix for traffic add-on/TCAS usage causing crash in as_xconnect module related to recent X-Plane beta 11.50b9 API changes breaking backwards compatibility
  • Added new API functionality to provide Turbulence and AS active status to custom datarefs
  • Added new SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode which enables new SMP integration reducing cloud layer limit and supplying new cloud layer type data
  • Now compatible and integrated with XPRealistic Pro V2
  • Now compatible and integrated with SkyMaxx Pro with Real Weather Connector
  • Now compatible with Traffic Global for X-Plane


Beta #5 changelog:
– P3Dv5 compatibility Updates
– Fixed temperature issue that could cause surface temps to be incorrectly depicted aloft in some cases (could also result in lack of contrails for AI aircraft)
– Fixed small character string limit in forgot/change password forms for email address
– Fixed Wx request menu formatting issues in some cases
– Fixed problem with recall of last flight plan path which also affected flight plan auto load
– Attempt to improve/fix remaining potential “.cld not found” and/or cache errors
– Adjusted wind smoothing to instantly “reset” to target speed/direction after a location change/reset and/or user-initiated theme reload without smoothing delay
– Adjusted installer to not overwrite newer Navigraph data that may already exist
– Adjusted comms security rule application failure logging to only log one failure per type (utils_log.txt)
– Updated README for new known issues information
– Added new Beta #5 survey and handling

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