Captain Sim – 757 Freighter Expansion почти готов

Captain Sim – 757 Freighter Expansion почти готов

02.01.2019 0 Автор Aleksey

Кому грузовик от Captain Sim? Скоро капитаны выпустят очередное платное расширение для своего 757-го. Модель 757 Freighter Expansion проходит бета-тест и скоро поступит в продажу, а пока смотрим картинки.

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The 757 FREIGHTER EXPANSION supports all features of the 757-2PW Base pack and delivers the following eleven highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of the Boeing 757-200 Freignter variants wearing Captain Sim House livery:
• 757-200PF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200PF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200PF with PW2040 engines
• 757-200PCF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200PCF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200PCF with PW2040 engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535E4 engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535C engines
• 757-200SF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200SF with PW2040 engines

Each engine variation provides:
• Custom engine performance
• Custom FMC setup
• Custom Flight Model

Misc features:
• Complete VC including high resolution cargo cabin with wing views, animated doors, loader and ULDs.
• FMC cargo management features.
• 2D cargo management panel.
• Custom cargo management sounds.

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