Feelthere Embraer E-Jets V3 Update

Feelthere Embraer E-Jets V3 Update

02.04.2020 0 Автор Aleksey

Дождались первое официальное обновление для Feelthere Embraer E-Jets V3 , предыдущий фикс выпущенный в декабре решил часть откровенных ляпов разработчиков, однако тогда далеко не все проблемы были устранены. Сегодня список исправлений куда более внушительный:

The following issues, bugs, problems were addressed:
-reworked flight dynamics to mimic the real plane even closer
-new button and switch sounds
-the PFD speed scale warning/caution colouring worked off the prediction line as opposed to the current IAS
-when pressing “B” the QNH didn’t change on the captain’s side
-no more “approaching minimums” on climb out
-Anti Ice message on take off
-on the status page the correct cargo door opens
-changed AT responsiveness to match the real world AT even closer
-APU fuel burn now is included in the Total Fuel Burn
-FD and Flight Patch vector; we changed the size and fixed the bank command
-Flight Control page rudder graphical error
-Flight control surfaces are moving now only when HYD is ON
-waypoint sequencing on the MCDU when inserting/activating approaches
-entering new SID or runway will no longer delete the flightplan
-when building an INTC CRS the distance to runway no longer drops to zero
-TO1 and TO2 adjustments
-fixed the 190’s FLEX temp
-you can add more than 3 flightplans into the CustomDB folder now
-When preview CDI is displayed, it no longer shows centered even though it should be offset to the appropriate side
-L:EmbFms1OuterClick changes the range for both MFDs while L:EmbFms2OuterClick has no function
-sequencing on final
-climb speed restrictions
-more in depth anti ice logic
-trim setting indication color is now always green
-the service door does not open with the main door anymore
-correct flaps for the 170 and 175
-various external visual fixes
-correct yokes, different for the captain and the FO

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Новую версию качаем по ссылке, которую дали при покупке по почте. Старую версию V3 перед обновлением удалять обязательно. 

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