Fly the Maddog X 1.5b476 Open Beta

Fly the Maddog X 1.5b476 Open Beta

07.09.2019 0 Автор Aleksey

Доступна очередная открытая бета Fly the Maddog X 1.5b476, думаю самое заметное это возможность выбора FMS, убрали вариант без PBR, улучшили совместимость с GSX:

******1.5b476 – 07/09/2019******
64bit edition – P3D v4.4/v4.5/v4.5HF1

– added Canadian Marconi CMS-900 and PMS systems;
– added new cockpit customizations in ‘Airliner Options’ (check ‘Fly the Maddog X User Manual.pdf’ – page 9);
– added mouse acceleration (if enabled in load manager) to VHF freq decimals in 8.33KHz mode;
– added clock settings (except chr buttons) to the CM1/CM2 sync option;
– when MD-83 & MD-88 variants is installed, added the possibility to select -219 engine type for the MD-82 and -217A/-217C for the MD-83/MD-88 (TRC settings and performances will change accordingly);
– removed NO-PBR model option;
– added sound for auto/manual press lever and manual press wheel movement;
– added sound for spoiler extended in flight;
– added slat aerodynamic sound;
– all cockipt sounds now located in the aircraft sound folder;
– Operation Manuals revision ‘Vol II chapter 6 – conditional procedures’, to include CMS900+PMS reference;
– ‘Quick Guide and ‘User Manual’ revision.

– minor bug fixes;
– revised flight dynamics;
– improved LOC CAP logic;
– fixed and improved GSX/GSX Level 2 integration;
– improved engine spoolup timing and sound sync;
– fine tuning of VC objects dimensions and position.


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