FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020

FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020

24.04.2020 8 Автор Aleksey

Незаметно прошёл релиз новой версии FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020, для владельцев прежних версий предусмотрена скидка. Опять улучшили и т.д, и т.п, ну и появилась поддержка P3D5


  • Completely new development, up-to-date data from 2020
  • New Base mesh for correct shapes even at a far distance and includes Bathymetry by default
  • Intelligent rendering for best frame rates
  • New algorithms for sharp edges and mountain ridges
  • Resolution up to 1 m
  • Source data manually edited for error elimination
  • Bathymetry mesh for Prepar3D (submarines are possible)
  • AFM2 for alignment of airport elevations to a new mesh scenery (available as download; registration at www.pilots.shop required) COMING SOON!

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