FS2Crew для FSLabs Airbus P3D V5

FS2Crew для FSLabs Airbus P3D V5

11.07.2020 0 Автор Aleksey

Забираем обновленную версию FS2Crew для FSLabs Airbus, теперь совместима и с P3D V5, качаем в личном кабинете магазина, если покупали не на сайте производителя, то возможна задержка с новым установщиком. На следующей неделе обновят FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGX-U для P3D V5

FSLabs Edition Version 1.5 Change Log:

1. Prepar 3D V5 Support.
2. Autobrake MAX option removed from the Approach Brief.
4. Packs Off Takeoff now works properly if user manually configured for single pack operation during taxi out.
5. New approach option: RNAV (RNP). Only difference is FO will not press LS on his side during his 10,000 foot flow.
6. ‘Loke Blue’ and ‘Glide Slope Blue’ FMA callout: possibility of double “checked” fixed.
7. “Glide” deviation callout trigger loosened up a bit.
8. “Brake Check” now available in additional modes as per user request.
9. Setting ND to 10 during Parking Flow now takes into consideration if you’re in the left or right seat.
10. New Config options: “User sets TO Trim”. With this option enabled, the FO will not attempt to set the Takeoff trim during his after start flow. The user must set the trim manually.
11. ‘1000 to go’ call reset for 2nd leg fixed.
12. If config option ‘Skip Exterior Inspection’ selected, FO will start his Preliminary Cockpit flow immediately. There will no longer be a delay.
13. FO will now turn the packs on during his Preliminary Cockpit Prep flow (Ground air cannot be connected).
14. New Config Option: Landing lights off/on at 10K/ Gear up and gear down/ Flaps up and 10K.
15. GSX Level 2 integration: Pilot models disabled; they will no longer walk the plane with the animated passengers.

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