HB-Textures – VC PACK UPDATE для FSLabs 320/319

HB-Textures – VC PACK UPDATE для FSLabs 320/319

17.10.2019 0 Автор Aleksey

Оперативно обновили незаменимый, на мой взгляд, пакет текстур кабины FSLabs 320/319. Кроме совместимости с с v2. 0.2.415, дополнительно поработали и улучшили.

So what’s new ?

– New HDR version that fixes the white lights on the MCP buttons such as FD and LS (Made by Max Dyba)

– New potentiometers textures (Flood lights, ecam displays dimmers,…)

– All switches, buttons, dimmers have been reworked

– New ice indicator texture

– New mainpanel texture (Plastic look as real one have)

– New dirts layers on overhead panels (319 only)

– New lights textures

– New shadow plane texture (fix the engine white texture from VC)

– Many other small things that only geeks like me will see haha

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