Just Flight – 747 Classic свежие картинки

Just Flight – 747 Classic свежие картинки

21.03.2019 0 Автор Aleksey

Мы уже как-то рассказывали, что Just Flight делают новый вариант 747 Classic  – 747-100 (JT9D), 747-200 (JT9D, CF6 и RB211), 747-200F (JT9D, CF6 и RB211) Вчера команда поделилась свежими снимками своего детища. Даты релиза пока нет, работа продолжается, в т.ч. на основе обратной связи и пожеланий пользователей. Но одно уже известно точно, PBR для P3D4 версии будет сразу, что конечно же хорошо, а вот по системам пока как-то туманно, кроме утверждения про реалистичную динамику, звуки, анимации всего что можно и наличия Delco Carousel IV-A (INS), что тоже хорошо. Скоро обещают выдать ещё больше снимков и подробностей о проекте.

Больше информации под спойлером


  • Three variants of the 747 are included, with a range of engine options:
    – 747-100 (JT9D)
    – 747-200 (JT9D, CF6 and RB211)
    – 747-200F (JT9D, CF6 and RB211, functioning main deck cargo doors)
  • Accurately modelled using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft
  • Fully modelled cabin interiors (main deck and upper deck) and a variety of available window configurations
  • Numerous animations including:
    – Flaps – leading edge devices and triple slotted trailing edge flap mechanisms
    – Spoilers (flight/ground)
    – Flying control surfaces
    – Engine fans
    – Engine reverse thrust mechanisms
    – Undercarriage with articulating main gear trucks
    – Doors – passenger, service and cargo (main and lower deck)
    – Windscreen wipers
  • HD textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity
  • Bump and specular mapping used throughout the aircraft to produce a truly 3D feel
  • Authentic labelling and placards based on those found in the real aircraft


  • Captain, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer and jump-seat positions modelled with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
  • A truly 3D cockpit environment right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads – every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Flight Engineer’s panel features custom-coded hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed, fuel and pressurisation systems
  • Authentic gauges and navigational equipment, including RMI (VOR/ADF), HSI and custom-coded Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Functional autopilot/autothrottle system including navigation hold mode that can be linked to the INS or FSX/P3D flight plan
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
  • Interactive engine start checklist
  • Interactive checklists for every stage of flight
  • Panel state system which will automatically save the panel state whenever a flight is saved and reload the panel state whenever that flight is loaded
  • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between ‘cold & dark’ or ‘ready for take-off’
  • Many features have been added to help with usability such as the ability to hide the control yokes for a better view of the instruments and pre-set angled views for the overhead panel, centre pedestal and Flight Engineer station
  • Flight computer panel with useful information such as fuel burn, endurance, speed and wind speed/direction
  • Ability to integrate third-party weather radar
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