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Как и обещали, состоялся релиз 2-й версии аэропорта Тенерифе от MK-STUDIOS. Обновление бесплатное для владельцев предыдущей версии. И не забудьте сразу скачать два файлика – патчи для корректной работы SODE.


  • Fully detailed rendition of Tenerife South airport and island with up to date state,
  • Updated ground layout and stands according to real world changes,
  • 25cm/pixel sattelite resolotion for the airport area (!),
  • 45cm/pixel sattelite resolution for the whole island (!),
  • 5 m/pixel mesh resolution for the whole island (!),
  • Accurate and detailed airport infrastructure based on real sizes and dimensions,
  • Detailed AFCAD adjusted for AI addons with custom approaches and navaids,
  • Many monuments and custom objects around the island,
  • PBR implementation for taxiways and runways,
  • PBR implementation of terminal glass,
  • Thousands of custom placed autogen buildings all around the island,
  • Very realistic night lighting with directional taxiway centerline lights, runway speedway exit lights, approach lights including correct brightness and visibility conditions (day, night, weather,),
  • Optimized Dynamic Lightning,
  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and on the ground,
  • Compatible to all major traffic add-ons,
  • SODE jetways and windsocks supported,
  • Advanced, fully working VGDS docking system for GSX users!
  • Vector data addons comaptibility,
  • Optimized to take advantages of new P3D V4 features.

The scenery is compatible with P3D V4.4 and higher due to PBR implementation.

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