Новости от QualityWings

Новости от QualityWings

08.01.2019 1 Автор Aleksey

QualityWings поздравили всех с праздниками и рассказали о ближайших планах. Скоро придёт обновление  Ultimate 146 для совместимости с P3D4.4. Там вылезла старая проблема – заклинило закрылки после обновления на крайнюю версию P3D. Обещают выпустить свой 757 для P3D4. Собираются или уже “прикручивают” PBR для 787-го, для него кстати обещают большое обновление с добавлением новых функций и лучшей оптимизацией. И обещают поддержку Remote CDU, видимо пока не поддерживает, но будет. 

Кому оригинал заявления, читаем тут:

Больше информации под спойлером
Greetings from QualityWings Simulations.
First and foremost, Happy New Year from our entire staff. We hope you all had a tremendous 2018 Holiday season and a great 2018 in general. And we wish you the very best for 2019.
2018 was by far the most intense year for QualityWings Simulations. With the release of the Ultimate 787 in the fall of 2017, we knew that 2018 would be jam packed and it certainly was. Two Service Packs for the product have been released and we are committed to the 787s continued improvement and feature additions. But we also were able to make some significant headway on previous products. With that, here is where we are with all things QualityWings.

Ultimate 146

Following the release of the Ultimate 146 for Prepar3D Version 4, we received some unbelievably positive feedback and will be providing an update for the 146 in P3DV4 soon. Development work is complete for this update and it is currently undergoing final stages of testing.

Ultimate 757

Around the time that we announced that that the 146 was being worked on for a release in P3DV4, we also indicated that the 757 was also in development for the platform. There was a bit more work than anticipated to make the product work in P3DV4, but we assure you that it is in the works.
With that said, I must also acknowledge that we are aware of some of the difficulties being experienced by some of this product regarding the activation process. We do apologize for any inconvenience. We will be moving our current Ultimate 757 product from the Esellerate system and migrating the customer database to the Flight1 licensing system. That should alleviate some of the issues some of you may have been experiencing.
Again, please bear with us as we work through this transition, which will coincide with the release of the product into P3DV4.

Ultimate 787

As previously mentioned, we are continuing to improve the 787 and Update 1.1.3 is due soon. This update to the 787 includes some exciting new additions, one is a result of improved features available with the release of P3D Version 4.4: Physically Based Rendering
The 787s models and textures have been adapted to take advantage of these exciting and impressive visual features. PBR is really exciting stuff, but it’s too bad that the 787 fuselage isn’t completely aluminum. Because it would sure be fun to see how that looks. But I guess we will have to wait for upcoming products in development that can really show off bare metal. We sill think it helps the 787 visuals tremendously.
We highly encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest version of P3D to benefit from the improved visuals. PBR models will not be available for FSX and outdated versions of P3Dv4.
Another addition that we are very excited about is the inclusion of Remote CDU support for the Lower MFD and the Electronic Flight Bag. This allows you to use any page on the lower display (most notably the CDU) on many different mobile devices such as an Android tablet or phone, iPhone, iPad, Amazon tablet, Windows Tablet or Windows phone.

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