PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II обновился

PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II обновился

09.03.2019 7 Автор Aleksey

Доступно очередное обновление для PMDG 747, теперь с PBR. Для корректной работы модели теперь необходимо обязательно использовать P3D V4.4. Кроме добавления PBR, они поправили выявленные ошибки и т.п. Качаем обнову как всегда через свой операционный центр PMDG.

Больше информации под спойлером

PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **CHANGE LIST** – BUILD 3.00.9329 (Released 2019-03-01) [ View Issues ] ================================================== ========================= – 0007523: [External Model – Liveries] Build 9318 PBR Engine Pylon Textures (jbrown) – resolved. – 0007520: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Forced WPT Sequencing minimum distance (emvaos) – resolved. – 0007470: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Runway slope (custom airports) is ignored in Landing calculations (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007469: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Runway length of custom airports (OPT landing) is set to 0 when LDA is entered and field length is no entered (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007413: [FMS – Functionality Problems (General)] IAN app intercepting the LOC/FAC HDG will sync to course automatically like an ILS (emvaos) – resolved. – 0007465: [EFB – Performance and Computational] OPT-Landing: “Anti-ice not allowed below 10C” message should not be displayed when NNC is selected (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007464: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Wrong label for NNC speed in Landing-Enroute page results when a NNC with a 0 ADD REF input is selected (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007463: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Selection of Autobrakes in Landing-Enroute page not retained when changing OPT page (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007457: [EFB – Navigraph Charting Functions] Some airport names appear incomplete, starting with a “-” (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007456: [EFB – Navigraph Charting Functions] Some ground airport charts are not automatically added to the chart clip after route setup (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved. – 0007449: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Registration Number lighting at Dawn (vscimone) – resolved. – 0007441: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] BCF Wiper Blade length (vscimone) – resolved. – 0007409: [External Model – Geometry] Cockpit window tint (jbrown) – closed. – 0007508: [External Model – Geometry] Landing Gear does not dim the landing lights (jbrown) – resolved. – 0007482: [FMS – Performance Pages] PERF INIT page Fuel quantity can not be set manually above 162.0 (kg) (emvaos) – resolved. – 0007474: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Small light leak in the gear lever housing (vscimone) – resolved. – 0007451: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] RAT Activation near Wiper switch (vscimone) – resolved. [17 issues] We have a few more items that did not have time to be adequately tested prior to this release, and with some luck we’ll have those to you in the next week-or-so.

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