SamScene – Singapore city для Prepar3D

SamScene – Singapore city для Prepar3D

28.02.2019 1 Автор Aleksey

Всем владельцам  сцены Сингапура от Imaginesim категорически рекомендуется к приобретению Singapore city от SamScene, причем рекомендуется самим Imaginesim, они утверждают, что именно из-за SamScene они не стали делать детально город, но заявлено о полной совместимости с  Imaginesim Singapore

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Scenery features
• Rendition of the whole Singapore country with detailed city center area including Sentosa island
• Numerous of landmarks including downtown Singapore and its skyline, harbourfront
• Almost 1,000 custom-made buildings including museums, hotels, churchs, shopping malls, banks, parks, bridges, ferris wheel, etc
• Over 10,000 autogen buildings
• Over 1,000 singapore custom apartment buildings
• Mesh over city center of Singapore
• Animated moving cable cars in Sentosa Island
• Static ships and ferries have been added to the coast shoreline of Singapore
• Ships with light beam at night time
• Added many buildings and hangars including EXPO area near the runway 2L of Changi airport (tested with Imaginesim WSSS)
• Beautiful night effects
• FPS friendly due to LOD technique
• Compatible with Imaginesim WSSS

Highly recommend to be used with Imaginesim WSSS

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