Turbulent Designs будет продавать свои продукты через ORBX Direct

Turbulent Designs будет продавать свои продукты через ORBX Direct

06.06.2018 1 Автор Aleksey

Orbx Simulation Systems постепенно превращается в крупнейшего издателя и поставщика сцен для популярных симуляторов, ранее мы рассказывали, как в этот дружный коллектив влилась iBlueYonder, правда речь тогда шла скорее о возвращении Bill Womack, мы об этом писали в конце марта. Теперь настала очередь Turbulent Designs. Думаю ничего странного и удивительного тут нет, скорее закономерность, команда из Хэмпшира выпускает свои сцены с максимальной совместимостью с продуктами от ORBX. Действующие клиенты Turbulent Designs могут не переживать, все их покупки дружно могут мигрировать в учетную запись ORBX Direct, аналогично тому как это было с iBlueYonder. Конечно я уверен, что такие союзы пойдут только на пользу всем любителям виртуальных полетов. Пожелаем им удачи. По поводу этого события компании сделали совместное заявление:

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Turbulent Designs To Publish Through Orbx


Over the past 10 years, the team at Turbulent Designs have fully developed or contributed to almost 25 airport projects for Orbx.  Today, they are excited to announce the next step in this long relationship. Turbulent will now be working in partnership with Orbx.

From today, Turbulent Designs will begin the task of redeveloping all the airport products in their current catalogue, to be fully integrated into the Orbx ecosystem. Additionally, their currently in-production projects will also be made available through Orbx.

Turbulent’s team is immensely proud of the products they’ve created. Working as a team of developers and as an independent publisher they have had the freedom to explore different techniques in all aspects of flight sim development. Those of you who have followed their journey over recent years, will know that they are always trying to push boundaries of both visuals and performance. One thing that has remained constant in that time however, was their compatibility with Orbx’s base products and regions.

Turbulent Co-Founder and Director Greg Jones said “Publishing our works through Orbx, while armed with our new experience, allows us to focus more on the development aspect and getting everything ‘just right’ while harnessing Orbx’s extensive beta testing network, technical know-how and the massive Orbx community.”

“We’re excited about Orbx’s move into the world of X-Plane 11 and, as we have said before, this is a platform we’re now fully adopting. In time, all Turbulent Designs airports will be available for X-Plane 11 via orbxdirect.com.”

Orbx CEO John Venema today said “We are absolutely thrilled to once again be working closely with the talented team at Turbulent Designs. They have developed a stellar reputation in the flight simulation industry with a distinct style of products which have been extremely well received by the community.”

Greg Jones added “Turbulent and Orbx share a passion for creating top-quality content in interesting locations while maintaining great performance. We see this a re-strengthening of our relationship which will be great news for both Turbulent and Orbx customers alike.”

Venema continued “Together, Turbulent Designs and Orbx will closely collaborate on many projects to bring our customers some very exciting new products over the coming years. Both companies share the same vision for attention to detail and immersive destinations and I am sure that working closely together will yield some fantastic results!”

Greg finished with “Turbulent’s existing customers will be able to easily transfer their purchases to Orbxdirect at no charge”. He also gave a glimpse into both organization’s future; “As our business grow and expand together and with new team members coming on board, we look forward to producing a much greater variety of content for the Orbx ecosystem. There’s some great things on the horizon!”

п.с. Мне интересно, их растительность тоже теперь можно будет купить через ORBX?

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