Lebor Simulations – Бейрут свежее видео и картинки

Lebor Simulations – Бейрут свежее видео и картинки

20.04.2019 0 Автор Aleksey

Ради такой детализированной сцены, думаю всем надо установить X-Plane 11. Вопрос конечно, как долго они её ещё пилить будут. Но команда и правда одержима, похоже что нет ни одного случайного здания или объекта. Внизу дневные фотки сравнения реала и то что увидим в симе.

The scenery is heading toward a V1 beta for sure.However, a strange and frustrating performance bug forced us to spend this past week testing and investigating to understand what was going on.We think we have a clue now. Well, it has nothing to do with the scenery itself but most likely with a strange interaction between a command line in the OSM buildings facades files and Version 11.32r2.As far as our multiple tests tell us, it's a simple line that adds an extension to the basement of the generic OSM buildings and make them sink in the ground on sloped terrain.According to an X-Plane scenery guru who saw my tests results, this is impossible. But strangely, our tests show a clear correlation between performance issues and the basement line when present in the facades files.All in all, we (unfortunately) removed the command line and the weird performance issue seems, as for now, gone!We will observe and do more tests for sure, as we finetune everything.And yes, it's time for the video of the week… It's is a replay of one of our facade performance tests without the command line in the OSM buildings.Cheers!

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