Обновление 1.1.6 для Hot Start TBM900

Обновление 1.1.6 для Hot Start TBM900

09.03.2019 3 Автор Yofich

Обновился отличный самолет, TBM900. В первую очередь, обновления коснулись Syntetic Vision – выполнили оптимизацию и, по заверениям авторов, теперь будет меньше “бить” по ФПС. Также переделали капли на стеклах и исправили ряд ошибок. (от автора “надеюсь теперь на нем можно будет рулить нормально”).

Полный список под катом, ну а те кто раздумывает над покупкой могут пойти в магазин и приобрести за 65$,  или передумать.


Improvements / New Features:

  • Implemented new LOC guidance code to work around the need to set CDI to front course.
  • Implemented YD phaseout with airspeed.
  • Added multi-threaded rendering support for synthetic vision. SYN VIS should now be much cheaper on performance.
  • New rain effects using async compute. Available only on Windows & Linux. Mac gets the old rain effect.
  • Implemented the “Vertical track” audio message.
  • Made SYN VIS horizon headings more readable by adding darker outline.
  • Redesigned steering force control logic to better handle centering forces.

Bug Fixes:

  • Steering had a confusing delay on it, which made for difficult directional control.
  • Turning on NAV or STROBE lights should disable red wingtip beacons.
  • Overspeed should come on at 269 KIAS and turn off at 268 KIAS.
  • Reverse numbers should be 27-35 trq, 1850 rpm, Ng 85%.
  • Gear manual extension rates were incorrect.
  • WXR-related crash during resumption of previously interrupted flight.
  • “FMS LFE” should be automatic upon FPL entry on the ground.
  • Pushing Go-Around should put the HSI back into GPS mode.
  • Replaced aural_warn_test and gear_warn recordings with cleaner samples.
  • Implemented OVERSPEED aural message.
  • Force the avionics_on dataref to 1.
  • When we had the A/P override set, unset it if the CDI mode changes.
  • SYN VIS north horizon heading should be 360 and sub-100 headings shouldn’t have a leading ‘0’.
  • SYN VIS airport loading could fail sporadically, resulting in missing runways.
  • SYN VIS old method of computing airport label placement was broken.
  • AIRAC cycle 1904 was mislabeled as 1304.
  • Make sure GL_BLEND is enabled, because in X-Plane windowing context it sometimes isn’t.
  • Bezel drawing didn’t work in popped-out windows due to X-Plane swapping in a different OpenGL context.
  • X-Plane 11.32r2 seems to have broken our Vertex Array Object processing, so we have to work around that.
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