RHDSIM – A320 ДЛЯ X-PLANE за 6 Евро

RHDSIM – A320 ДЛЯ X-PLANE за 6 Евро

12.04.2021 0 Автор Aleksey

Кому бюджетный A320 ДЛЯ X-PLANE за 6 Евро? Да тут ещё пачка ливрей в комплекте. Жёсткий захват рынка.

ncuded in the plane you get:

-VR compatibility
-Integrated Avitab
-Wingflex animations
-4k PBR textures
-Realistic systems of airconditioning, elecs, fuel and hydraulics by the X-Bureau team
-Both default and custom MCDU (Custom one is not finished and most functions are not included, will be updated frequently and replace default one when done)
-Custom FMOD sounds
-Custom 3D ground vehicles that can be enabled/disabled
-Beatiful and dynamic lighting
-Support of both sharklets and wing fences (no flight dynamics differences)
-Ability to choose between CFM and IAE engines (both use CMF sounds and characteristics at the time, will be updated later)
-Both fully 3d cockpit and cabin (and toilet)
-Functional ECAM, PFD, NAV screens
-Misc animations in the cockpit of objects such as armrest, sun visor, tray table
-Optimization of textures and objects for best possible performence
-20 liveries

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