SSG E-Jets Evolution Series – большое обновление V1.3

SSG E-Jets Evolution Series – большое обновление V1.3

29.03.2019 21 Автор Aleksey

Вышло обновление для самого продвинутого варианта E-Jets в X-Plane 11, изменений очень много, наверно коснулись всего до чего смогли дотянуться разработчики – от освещения до автоленда. Кстати, сейчас на эти модели скидка 10$ и комплект из E-170 и Е-195 можно купить за 54,95$. Для тех кто не знаком с этой моделью, мы  год назад делали обзор  Е-195 на нашем форуме.

Больше информации под спойлером


Updated to be 100% compatible with XP 11.32 or later
– New cockpit actuators, uses dragging method for better control in VR
– Redesigned gear behavior with new gear deflections and animation for very realistic behavior
– Added command to toggle SPEED FMS/MAN
– Speedbrake logic, messages and commands improved
– Spoiler issue on landing fixed
– Ground proximity and flap override switches
– New cockpit lighting system
– Tuned Autopilot for different segments of automated flight
– Totally redone automated flight behavior in APP mode. Any other mode can be engaged during APP mode active.
– Autopilot bank angle added
– Autoland improved, smoother transitions
– BARO minimums implemented
– Tight turns waypoints in descent and approach are “fly over” waypoints now
– RNAV approaches now implemented
– TOD computed better now
– Fixed links to TRS Page
– MCDU/RTE page – “Runway” (LK 2) is white now
– On the DEPARTURES page the previously selected departure runway is now displayed
– No more infinite magenta lines on ND
– New TRS Pages
– RTE PAGE 1 now changes to RTE PAGE 2 when pressing “next page”
– Autothrottle improved
– LIM mode works properly
– Overspeed mode works as intended
– Holds management for more than one hold in a route
– Proper hold representation in LEGS page
– Better track presentation
– FLCH green and magenta mode improved
– Proper transition from climb to cruise phase implemented
– Problem in RTE PAGE 2 when selecting a SID with no transition fixed
– RF legs type added to SID/STAR/approach procedures
– Fixed pushback locking when stopped and disengaged
– APU heat blur added (particle system)
– Some object “crawling ants” eliminated
– Updated QSG and AOM to reflect these changes

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