xEnviro — 1.07rc01

Судя по всему, скоро нас ждет новая версия «универсального комбайна» для X-Plane. Релиз-кандидат улетел на бета-тестирование. Список изменений под спойлером.

### [1.07] ### Added
— Weather Briefing window added. Displays METAR for 20 nearby stations.
— General status dataref.
— Dataref for the weather radar data (precipitation echo).
### Changed
— Maximum wind speed now set in Knots.
— Wind distribution has been changed to improve ATC reliability.
— Blending adjusted to remove visible line of the ground mesh edge.
— Internal representation of the weather is now based on voxel arrays.
— Atmosphere colors adjusted to match X-Plane 11 light model.
— Rain color and blending adjusted to match X-Plane 11 light model.
### Removed
— X-Plane implemented ball mark for the selected menu entry. Temporary * removed.
— X-Plane fog cutoff slider removed.
### Fixed
— Water reflection for haze added.
— Wininet exception handling code has been corrected. No more crashes hopefully.
— Surface friction procedures amended to avoid spontaneous aircraft sliding.

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