IXEG 737-300 patch 1.1

Ну, собственно, ожидаемо. Патч обещают в ближайшие два дня. Пруф. Под катом подробности и видео

Most importantly, here’s what to expect in the update:

  • Added TCAS. Just like in the real airplane, it will show various types of traffic (PROX, TA, RA) and the relative altitude, plus voice callouts and visual aids to avoiding RA traffic. The panel should work as the real one, including TA only, ABV/BLW, STBY, etc.
  • Improved EGPWS. This is enhanced over 1.0.7 – the modes (1-5) should work a lot more closely to how the real modes work, including submodes (i.e. 4A, 4B). There is also a terrain-look-ahead feature that will alert when approaching terrain higher than the aircraft. New panel, new switches, new TERRAIN ON light. New INOP label for FO´s terrain display.
  • Opening cargo doors with door annunciators and 3D cargo holds modeled.
  • Eyebrow windows including selectable sunshade panels (select in preferences menu)
  • Opening cockpit door
  • Now showing current active waypoint distance and ETA on EHSI upper corners in MAP and CTR MAP mode
  • Added increase/decrease map range datarefs
  • A multitude of fixes to FMS stability and LNAV drawing and performance
  • Several texture fixes
  • INOP label for the logo lights if winglets fitted
  • Autopilot fixes (autothrust gain, logic of MA buttons, GS arm logic, cleanup of FMA modes in some circumstances, FL CHG pitch behaviour in MACH regime with turbulence)
  • Several rare gizmo crashes fixed for switches and levers
  • Fixes to headings and bearings shown on FIX INFO and LEGS page (now show correct magnetic tracks)
  • Ground power not showing anymore when booting in turnaround state
  • Fixes to default transition altitude not always showing correctly (still just a crude east/west division)
  • Added realistic way to operate approach speeds on APPROACH page
  • Added failure flag to altimeter when not electrically powered
  • Improved EFIS symbology when IRS units not aligned
  • Fuel gauges now show “lbs” when imperial units are selected
  • LNAV tracking accuracy improved (no more offset flying)
  • Ground model improvements when using airplane with XP11 (no full XP11 compatibility yet)
  • Solved numerous situations that would cause the FMS to produce soft crashes in the Gizmo console
  • Numerous “ninja fixes” for X-Plane 11 compatibility. This means things may work in X-Plane11, but we do not officially support it and it may not be truly accurate numbers as you would find flight model wise in X-Plane 10. This is just enough to get by and allow your enjoyment in XP 11.
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