X-Plane 11.10 Beta 5

А список изменений под спойлером

  • 11.10 Flight model changes are now opt-in when the .acf is re-saved in 11.10 Plane Maker.
  • Improvement in Reynolds number calculation, downwash model & math tweaks.
  • Restores all the VRS and stuff on the helos.
  • Changes to the notification that you’re running the sim at less than real time speeds:
    • We now only show it if you’ve been consistently slow for more than a minute, with growl notification
    • You can now opt-out of the notification permanently
    • A “more info” button takes you to the web site, explaining why < 20 FPS is important, and how you can configure your rendering options to speed up
  • ATC Bug fixes for taxiing, takeoff and push-back:
    • Fixed the push ending early because we have no where to go.
    • Takeoff is done from taxi in one instruction for the AI, matching what
      the humans do – this makes for better takeoff rolls.
  • Fixes to auto-start procedures.
  • XPD-7800 Fixed non 60hz setting.
  • XPD-8302 Added support for airport favorites.
  • XPD-8334 Aircraft gets to the gate before contacting ground because the taxi instructions are too wordy.
  • XPD-8335 Fixed tracking of taxi to avoid wrist slaps.
  • XPD-8347 G1000 Autopilot crashes aircraft on RNAV – GP engages too early also.
  • XPD-8361 Ground Handling failure with 737.
  • XPD-8362 Clicking on a “submenu item” closes the menu.
  • XPD-8366 Updated Warthog files for Windows.
  • XPD-8382 Fixed 2-d panel prefill broken on HDR with wide monitor.
  • XPD-8389 Push back not working.
  • XPD-8391 On Linux, check for any axes, buttons, or hat switches that we know how to use.
  • XPD-8402 Using G1000, enter [Load Airway] = CTD.
  • XPD-8416 Fixes crash on Linux when creating default config file.
  • XPD-8418 Fix SDK popout functionality.
  • XPD-8441 Can’t turn off birds and deer.

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