Captain Sim – 764 Captain

Captain Sim – 764 Captain

06.12.2021 0 Автор Aleksey

Модель Boeing 767-400ER от КапСима вышла для MSFS. Для работы нужен дефолтный 747, потому что через него реализованы основные функции. Недорого, всего 30 американских рублей.

• Highly detailed and accurate model of the Boeing 767-400ER
• 4K Ultra-High resolution textures
• Cabin with 3D windows, interior, stewardess and animated pilots
• Realistic animations
• Brand-new wing/engine flex (PC only)

• The 777-style cockpit
• Essential functionality paired with default 747 (must be installed) systems simulation
• Complete passenger cabin
• Custom views including wing views

• Supports most features of MSFS 2020 (rain/icing effects, sound, flight model etc)
• ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) with Updater
• Growing number of easily installable free liveries
• Sim Ops

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