Accu-Sim Comanche 250 v1.5.0


Обновился один из лучших самолетов до версии v1.5.0. Чейнджлог под спойлером

Список обновлений
  1. Fixed airplane creeping post SU15 when engine is run up with brakes or chocks applied
  2. Fixed a bug preventing airplane from moving away from parking spot in some locations when outside air temperature is well below freezing
  3. Improved synchronization between navigation light switching and relay click sound when using panel light rheostat
  4. Fixed air pressure display error in altimeter Kollsman window when set to use imperial units (inHg)
  5. Improved battery performance slightly at very cold temperatures allowing for better chance of engine start
  6. Extended the lifespan of the oil pump and oil lines
  7. Slightly reduced the effectiveness of the fresh air vents
  8. Improved the display logic for centre of gravity in tablet
  9. Added additional telemetry variables for force-feedback hardware
  10. Omitted WT GNS initialization sequence when aircraft is loaded with avionics power already on
  11. Added update history for Marketplace.
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