ACTIVE SKY FS Open Beta B8920


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Update 060324 B8920 (1.0.8920.30819)
– Added Sim tip/message options to control in-sim tip/messages accordingly (must have Software Tips enabled in MSFS Assistance/Notification options) – Docs updated
– Added instant refresh when temperature units change to prevent slow temp and precip type (snow vs. rain) adjustment
– Added additional auto flight plan load/clear logging
– Various tuning/fixes for in-cloud turbulence
– Additional in cloud detection improvements/fixes for better accuracy
– Increased effective rain/precip rate and fixed an issue where very low precip rate could be experienced (Note: you must be under a cloud to experience precipitation – not seeing precip, or seeing much reduced precip rates when there is less cloudy sky above is normal)
– Increased general precipitation smoothing rate for more visible dynamics on precip condition changes
– Reduced general cumulus density 20% to further reduce potential grainy/shimmering cloud edges
– Reduced general cirrus generation approximately 20%
– Reduced CAVOK/NCD/NSC cloud generation general occurrence approximately 20% per feedback
– Reduced CAVOK/NCD/NSC general cloud coverage approximately 20% per feedback
– Adjusted cirrus altitude and coverage logic to trend to more variable values in general without trending too high in some cases
– Improved turbulence dynamics in vicinity of thunderstorm clouds
– Further slowed general cloud altitude smoothing rate per feedback, by approximately 50% in most cases
– Offset historical downloads to use data set based on -30 minutes for more expected historical playback results without getting METARs past the historical active time
– Prevented download timer from resetting when Refresh weather button pressed in debug screen – now the download timer will fire separate of any refresh results without getting METARs past the historical active time
– Prevented location change/instant weather reset on “reconnect” of MSFS connection, when last disconnect was within 30 seconds
– Fixed issue where some stations were delayed in updating during 30 minute update cycles
– Fixed issue with Chinese language altitude units conversion in Metric units mode (resulted in incorrect cloud/wind altitudes)
– Fixed issue with precip and snow cover units/conditions in some units modes/language settings
– Fixed issue with unexpectedly low precip/rain in -TS/-TSRA thunderstorm conditions
– Fixed issue with Norwegian language units issues incl. temperature
– Fixed missing cloud turb/cloud detection when in Passive mode and no cloud data exists for ASFS but exists in MSFS live weather
– Attempted Fix for issue with gusts/variability for surface layer(s) where it was not properly depicting in some cases

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