Airbus A300-600R v1.0.2


Очередное обновление свежеиспеченного A300-600R(F) доступно для загрузки через личный кабинет. Список обновлений ниже:

Список обновлений

Art Fixes/Changes

Fixed – Holes in L1 door
Fixed – HP VALVE should illuminate red during fire test
Removed – Ice detector probe
Added lights to ENT and CLR during IRS test
Fixed – make the window scratches less prominent
Added – Model circuit breakers that are relevant in checklists
Fixed – Tiller animation reversed when using Nose wheel steering axis
Fixed – Beacon bulb doesn’t flash with light
Fixed – Cabin lights not showing in external view
Fixed – Cabin window tint
Fixed – FMS Glow reversed. Left FMC activates right glow source and vice versa
Fixed – Unable to dim MCDU lights
Fixed – Missing Backlight on Oxygen Panel Gauges
Fixed – MCP lights illuminate the center window column
Fixed – Rotate tires to different positions
Fixed – internal door lock lever freighter
Fixed – APU Integrated LP fuel pump switch backwards
Fixed – Printer buttons lit when C&D
Added – Seat sliding back and forth
Fixed – Collision zones being too big
Fixed – EFB and Altitude select glass flicker in cockpit
Fixed – external light LOD issue
Fixed – Beacon lights not showing properly
Fixed – VOR/ADF gauges missing label
Fixed – Glass cover of the rear strobe light does not fit properly.

Systems Fixes/Changes
Fixed – Aircraft gives CG warning even though no CG has been entered
Fixed – Resetting it self back to zero when engines shutdown on older versions it didn’t do this
Fixed – WASM Crash – Loading waypoints too fast crashed aircraft on ground
Fixed – SEC WASM crash
Fixed – Next waypoint on ND distance doesn’t change at the same time
Fixed – GPWS test/cancel PB not testing GPWS
Fixed – RMI Issue with 360
Fixed – Gear anims too slow
Fixed – When directing, there is a small gap in drawn flight plan and distance is wrong
Fixed – auto disconnect tiller option not working
Fixed – When landing you get a triple click on touch down if landing with A/THR on you would not get this as the downgrade like modern Airbus
Fixed – EGNX TNT 2N Departure
Fixed – AP not disconnecting on flight control input
Fixed – Green Dot calc in LBS and over 20,000ft seems to be wrong
Fixed – Can’t delete custom waypoint database
Fixed – EXT PWR AC Meter displays no frequency when EXT PWR is connected
Fixed – EMER Bus also showing voltage in C&D
Fixed – VS selects negative value single digit
Fixed – During climb or descent – Pressing ALT.HLD – Aircraft very slow to react (with High ROC, took 1800ft to react )
Fixed – DC EDD BUS during standby generator test
Fixed – NAV not following track
Added – PLEASE WAIT prompt for VIA/GOTO on LAT REV as can take very long
Fixed – When VOR/NAV/ILS set to NAV, Glide indication appears in the vertical scale on PFD (should only appear in ILS Mode)
Fixed – Selected autobrake de-selects when gear is dropped
Fixed – Entering CG into PRG code crash
Fixed – Nose wheel steering tiller issues when using separate axis. Note the EFB ‘Rudder controls tiller’ option must be set to NO.
Fixed – Wildly varying fuel calcs on INIT B
Fixed – Esc sim / pause bug causing plane to break
Fixed – PRE-SET speed works as it should, EXCEPT : On departure with Profile Armed, Should clear itself (replaced by —) at acceleration altitude (currently stay PRESET until ALT* or LVL/CH pressed)
Fixed – Pressing the Status Page – When in normal, should revert automatically in MEMO Page (no need to press CLR pb)
Fixed – FMS not clearing properly on landing
Fixed – APU FUEL LO PR ECAM still popping up with L INR TNK pumps off
Fixed – STEP ALTS page bringing up the wrong page
Fixed – PROF is re-engaging when reaching bugged altitude in LVL CHG
Fixed – Not able to insert KBDL into FROM/TO
Fixed – Freighter: cycling parking brake with engines off does not deplete the accumulator
Fixed – Sky high pressurisation bug
Fixed – Oxygen supply switch inop in pax version
Fixed – THS trims to aggressively
Fixed – Elevators don’t drop down with no HYD
Fixed – Some users reporting that manually adding an alt constraint does not cause vnav path to recalculate
Fixed – OIL LO PRESS Never displayed (in low oil press condition)
Fixed – Added more details on the flow bar
Fixed – When brake glow effect is active. So wheels above 550c the effect goes away when battery selected off.
Fixed – Changing restrictions has no effect
Fixed – Packs Off operations maybe wrong
Fixed – FMC freezes when inserting LFSB ILS15 approach
Fixed – VLS band doesn’t move when spoilers extend
Fixed – Engine Bleed Flow Bars
Fixed – Seen two reports of people’s pitots freezing despite having pitot heats on
Changed POV L & POV R quick view
Fixed – Incorrect turn at holding fix
Fixed – Revert active fix is white on ND change
Fixed – WASM crash with specific arrivals
Fixed FMA in Mach mode says SPEED, should say MACH
Fixed – PreSet light not extinguishing when switching to profile mode
Fixed – Selected Heading Index on RMI not working

Flight Model Fixes/Changes
Adjusted – interactive points to not crash when opened on the ground
Adjusted – Ground effect reduced to give a more natural entry feel
Adjusted – CFD ground effect range reduced to give a better feeling near the end of the flare
Fixed – Reduced empty weight of pure F model to give larger payload range
Adjusted – Thrust output of engines adjusted at idle. Giving better idle rolling speed at all weight ranges.

Sounds Fixes/Changes
Fixed – The sounds internally are rather quiet compared to the external sounds, leading to a huge difference in volume when changing views between inside and outside
Fixed – Gear Thump Issue When the gear thumps occur, all other sounds are temporarily deadened.
Fixed – Engine 1 internal sounds don’t seem to change with increased throttle
Fixed – Taxi gear cockpit ambient sound
Fixed – Whooler sound file seems quite low quality
Fixed – engine sounds fade away
Fixed – Altitude Alert sound way too low
Fixed – Overall sound levels
Fixed – Windshear call out from ANN TEST light should play 3 times then stop not keep playing all the time
Fixed – All interior sounds are muted at some point during the gear sounds
Fixed – Right landing light no sound from Off to On
Fixed – GPU Loudness
Fixed – Sounds seem to go mute at very fwd and very aft of cabin
Fixed – P/B sounds – All 6 buttons here do not make any sounds
Fixed – Avionics fans volume decreases when ENG 1 is running, even further when thrust applied
Fixed – Buzzsaw sound tied to explicit engine value of between 75-76%
Fixed – Engine sound levels during TOGA takeoff not quite right.
Fixed – MINIMUM callout not being called at DH
Fixed – Fuel pump sounds missing on the outside
Fixed – HYD sounds on external view are not audible unless right under LG bay
Fixed – Cabin/wing views have muted engine noise
Fixed – Fuel pumps seem to not be tied to fuel pump buttons high pitch sound can be heard all the time when AC power applied to aircraft even with pumps off and GPU on
Fixed – When aircraft sitting on stand the sound levels using drone camera don’t make sense as it starts quiet gets louder and then stays that loud for a very far distance
Fixed – Flight deck is very loud but levels drop up and down
Fixed – Seats have no sound even when moved
Fixed – Eng1 v Eng2 exterior volume E2 is super soft in all phase vs it’s twin. it’s like 70-80% as loud in various povs around the aircraft.

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