ATR 42-600 и ATR 72-600 обновление до v1.0.20


Массивное обновление для уже многим полюбившегося самолета. Как обновлять – вы знаете 😊

– Fixed Prop Brk READY light illuminated after switching on battery in cold & dark state
– Fixed V-FP arming and activation
– Fixed starter not disengaging when engine start is cancelled
– Added WPT field function to POS INIT page
– Fixed clock display size in 72-600 Highline
– Fixed caution light not illuminating on start up
– Fixed Hotel mode/External power not charging batteries
– Adapted passenger camera positions for highline versions
– Fixed Boost function displayed on Before Takeoff ECL in 42
– Fixed MFD VCP SQ Code not showing leading zeros
– Improved AFCS mode change when switching nav source
– Fixed Highline empty weights
– Fixed Payload fuel on board calculation (#5943032 and partially #5943031)
– Fixed External power worked without battery switch being ON (#5943088)
– Fixed Fuel Flow page showing fuel used instead of fuel flow total (#5943061)
– Fixed throttle advancing to flight idle on first press of A button when no reverse axis is defined
– Added VORs and NDBs to Direct To Ident function
– Added VORs and NDBs to manual flightplan entries
– Fixed Go Around pitch command
– Fixed NEW WPT on LTRL REV page inserted waypoint at wrong position
– Added Afrijet livery
– Fixed generators and hydraulics state on loading aircraft
– Fixed service door test using main door status.
– Fixed electrical system starting up after MFC 1B/2B test instead of 1A/2A
– Fixed batteries charging when charger is switched off (#5882514)
– Added End of Climb/Descent symbol in ND map
– Fixes to checklist automation
– Fixed Boost mode logic (#5876743/#5876743)
– Fixed cabin lights lighting up the cockpit
– Added smoothing to PFD CDI indication
– Added bearing pointers smoothing and added navaid variance based on signal strength
– Fixed FD pitch indication inverted
– Fixed Propeller NP remains at 100% (#5936746)
– Added support for HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST event (#5869232)
– Fixed MCDU stuck in TMPY state after loading flightplan from EFB (#5935533/#5935532)
– Fixed switching lateral AFCS mode cancelling vertical AFCS mode
– Slowed down IAS mode pitch change
– Removed Empty/Random/Max Payload buttons
– Added code for diffuse light in cargo hold
– Added contrast setting to PFD SVS
– Implemented “Standby Attitude Indicator does not respect the EFB units setting” (#5907027)
– Fixed MFD PERF page showing same TQ value for bleed on/off takeoff
– Added Payload Editor to EFB
– Added Simbrief importer to EFB
– Added GSX door automation
– Added EFB brightness control
– Increased visibility for inactive (greyed) EFB buttons
– Fixed power levers “jumping” over the Notch-Ramp range when a reverser axis is defined
– Fixed NP settings with Pwr Mgt in TO setting (#5882317)
– Fixed first press on “A” on gamepad causes throttle to decrease (#5884099)
– Added DU font scaling (may cause overlapping!)
– Fixed dive at beginning of WINDOW alt constraints
– Fixed flaps moving without hydraulics (currently forces flaps lever into position too)
– Fixed sun visor operation in legacy mode
– Fixed Crz Alt vs. Sel Alt logic
– Fixed conditional waypoint drawing
– Fixed drawing issues on MCDU PROG page
– Fixed DME Arc start/end angle
– Fixed CDI (XTK) calculation in LNAV mode
– Fixed FO MCDU not reacting to inputs after power up from cold&dark
– Fixed FO MCDU annunciator lights lighting when unpowered (#5880121)
– Fixed Altitude Between constraints (on ND)
– Fixed EWD procedure window selection rectangle drawing if text is too large
– Flightplan drawing turns now also takes speed into account
– Added keyboard shortcuts for lights, autopilot etc. (#5884676)
– Fixed Propeller Brake lights sequence (#5879369)
– Fixed FWS warning on gust lock release while prop brake is active (#5879371)
– Fixed prop brake READY light does not stay on when conditions are met (#5879146)
– Fixed Propeller brake operation without hydraulic pressure (#5879144)
– Fixed Main battery voltage dropping on power up after full shutdown (#5884649)
– Removed gust lock from TO Config Test
– Removed parking brake from TO Config Test button press
– Removed deprecated procedure/alert files
– Fixed STBY now switches all FMA modes OFF
– Changed basic lateral mode to HDG HOLD
– Fixed Pilot’s ND not displaying “T” on system boot (#5885639)
– Fixed MAN DEL now needing a 5 sec button press to clear ECL checklist
– Added APP INHIB FMA message
– Reworked AFCS mode switching
– Added PFD FMA “ALT SEL / GS” and “ALT SEL / V-FP”
– Added ITT peak during engine startup (#5884757)
– Added EWD ECL Abnormal structuring
– Added missing EWD auto Ice Accreation procedure to Icing Alert
– Added DU Contrast adjusting TAWS & WXR overlay brightness
– Fixed PFD FMA OFF condition
– Fixed FMA Zone 3 frame width
– Added PFD FMA active modes OFF condition
– EWD ECL fixes and additions
– Fixed DC Gen Fault EWD warning not appearing
– Added missing information to PRAIM page
– Fixed wrong DU modes on EFB aircraft state selection
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