Black Square – TBM 850 v 1.1


Подсказывают что апдейт выпустили для данного самолета. Кто купил, идите качайте, ну а остальные сами знаете что делать 😁


Aerodynamics Improvements
Control surface dimensions now match the POH values
Increased stability in gusty or turbulent conditions
Increased propeller drag for less floating
Correct propeller beta angle and smoother torque
Improved torque & ITT tables for more accurate performance
Increased take-off torque effects & accurate trim positions

Improved Icing Effects and De-icing Boots
Inflating de-icing boots with accurate sequencing
Ice on the windows will now crystallise from the outside in
Airframe ice will remain when leading-edge ice is shed
Heated cowlings will now de-ice separately

St. Elmo’s Fire & Static Discharge
Airframe electrical charge calculation
Windshield static discharge effects
Static wick St. Elmo’s Fire corona discharge

Improved Exterior Lighting & New Strobes
Brighter landing, navigation, and taxi lights
Landing light housing illumination visible from the cockpit
New disorienting strobe light bounce effect in clouds
Solar calculations for smooth cockpit display backlighting

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