Любимчика многих тут обновили, пофиксили много багов присутствующих в первой версии после релиза, и скорее всего добавили новых, пробуем 😊

[SYSTEMS] ○ Tuned alpha protection and recovery (should fix AP not engaging spuriously issue)
○ Improved “zombie MSFS process” resistance
○ Improved logging in a few core places to assist in troubleshooting
○ Fixed high CPU usage by FenixBootstrapper.exe and Fenix.exe
○ Fixed issues causing failed hook-ins (blank screens)
○ Fixed boarding starting while catering is in progress
○ Fixed N1 gauge crossed out if N1 mode engaged (IAE)
○ Fixed conditions for DisarmDoors triggering
○ Fixed red line being drawn in N1 gauge when it’s amber crossed
○ Improved roll rate when bank angle protection takes control of the aircraft.
○ Fix potential issue when GSX boarding and refueling are called at the same time
○ Adjust D1L closure time after boarding has completed
○ Fix boarding music not playing in some scenarios
○ Fixed several potential crashes
○ Added fuel venting based on airspeed
○ Adjusted AoA dampening
○ Improved latching into detents with incremental throttle control
○ Improved brake application and release times for button users
○ Fixed bypass pin being stuck in
○ Adjusted VLS calculation
○ Fixed missing EFIS, RMP, ELEC and FCU Lvars
○ Fixed auto deboarding sometimes not working correctly (it now attempts to deboard regardless of parking status)
○ Fixed FMS tuned navaids not clearing when RMP goes into NAV override
○ Fixed display of FD flag
○ Fixed ECAM F/CTL page automatically showing with too little control input
○ Improved fuel venting further
○ Fixed restart button crashing launcher
○ Fixed GSX integration not opening the rear door
[ART AND SOUND] ○ Improved performance especially in exterior view
○ RAT decal misplaced
○ Reverser sound fade in harsh on IAEs
○ Retard callout won’t stop playing fix
○ Added ice detection system
○ Improved engine spinner idle blur to help with frame gen artifacting
○ Improved interior rear of wing sounds on IAE
○ Increased N1 bearing volume on IAE engines
○ Improved pilot/copilot, overhead and EFB cameras
○ Reduced packs and CAB FAN volume
○ Slightly improved performance on audio engine
○ IAE start up sounds adjusted to be louder further away
○ Fixed initial start being too quiet/muffled (especially ENG 2)
○ Improved interior sound set for IAE at idle
○ Fixed sky reflection in virtual cabin windows
○ Fixed idle spinner not being in blurred state
○ Fixed FWD and AFT cargo door handles being incorrectly synced
○ Fixed missing animation/texture for running CFM N1 fan
○ Fixed American SATCOM text+symbol cut off
○ Fixed offset weathering on RMP1 VOR1 switch
○ Fixed floating ice probe on windscreen
○ Fixed sun shade visor vanishing on cursor hover
○ Fixed incorrect tooltip for pedals
○ Fixed left main landing gear tire animations missing
○ Fixed right CFM inlet missing rivets
○ Fixed pylon panel labeling not being visible through cabin windows
○ Fixed right CFM pylon having a gap in panel seams
○ Fixed BRK TEMP DET UNIT being popped
○ Fixed N1 buttons and maintenance bus switch missing tooltips
○ Fixed modern wing decals clipping into wing
○ Fixed GSX definition for door L4
○ Improved LODing when switching between interior and exterior views
○ Fixed slats clipping into wing when transitioning
○ Fixed cabin pressure decal not animating with door
○ Fixed mesh gaps around central window column
○ Fixed AEVC loop thumps
[FLIGHT MODEL] ○ Improved heat transfer mechanics
○ Gently adjusted ground effect
[EFB] ○ Fixed boarding starting while catering is still in progress when using the auto catering option
○ Fixed take-off performance calculator sometimes not working correctly when using lbs
○ Fixed polling Navigraph too much when waiting for authentication
○ Fixed some issues that could occur when loading the aircraft multiple times
○ Fixed custom intersection TORA only allowing 4 digits when using FT units
[LIVERY MANAGER] ○ Stopped livery verification from running at each start-up and moved it to a “verify liveries” button in settings
○ Cleaned up settings
○ Fixed missing cockpits on some liveries
[AAMIR] ○ Hungry
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