FENIX A320 Base Package v


Немного по проекте А320. Итак, сегодня текущая (CFM / IAE) версия получила новую версию, и до среды ее можно утащить со скидкой 20% – £39.99. По мере выхода в нее будут добавлены без доплат следующие модификации: CFM SL/IAE SL. Для новой версии потребуется обновить ливреи, т.к с текущими могут быть проблемы. Также в активной фазе разработки версия A319/A321 Expansion Package – £39.99. В нее войдут:

  • A319 CFM
  • A319 IAE
  • A321 CFM
  • A321 IAE
  • A319 CFM SL*
  • A319 IAE SL*
  • A321 CFM SL*
  • A321 IAE SL*
Список обновлений

[Avionics and Systems]

Optimised performance of External Engine Model
Optimised performance of internal LVar handling
Added standby XPDR output LVar (i.e. the “displayed” value, N_FREQ_STANDBY_XPDR_SELECTED)
Added more configuration options for default EO ACC, default THR RED
Improved detection of when the aircraft has “loaded in” to the sim
Small AoA tweaks in flight control law
Fixed crash caused by failure to read aircraft.cfg
Fixed cabin announcement logging not being verbose enough
Fixed spoiler arm and disarm events being inverted
Fixed DisarmDoors announcement being cut off by the switch from engine generators
Fixed cabin ready not correctly handling single engine taxi
Fixed incorrect handling of aircraft.cfg comments
Fixed issue that could cause failure to hook or cabin announcements not working for users in some regions (Türkiye in particular)
Fixed incorrect TCAS target altitudes being shown on the ND when flying online
Fixed various other crashes throughout the systems (thank you to people who have the opt-in crash reporting turned on )
Fixed gear being lowered automatically when performing a belly landing
Fixed gear being up when spawning in
GSX settings are now overriden using their new API to automatically set the required GSX settings for the integration to work correctly
Fixed issue when connecting jetway or stairs via GSX
Fixed IDG fuel-based cooling running when engines are shut down
Fixed AOC WEATHER REQ requiring RETURN to be pressed twice
Fixed bypass pin not being correctly synced with GSX during pushback
Removed APU running requirement from DisarmDoors
Fixed some instances of being unable to board with GSX
Adjusted IAE FLX limit behaviour during takeoff, rotation, and THR RED
Fixed ADIRS LVars being rounded
Fixed VLS calculation for IAE engines
Fixed STS page not auto-clearing after 3 seconds when status is normal
Fixed CLB thrust being above FLX thrust
Fixed some MCDU settings not saving – failure scenarios in particular
Fixed missing ignition conditions for IAE engines (FLEX/TOGA thrust or approach idle)
Further improved VLS calculation

[Art and Sound]

Extensive optimisations to various parts of the art
Improved our custom LOD system, resulting in shorter delays when switching and supporting drone camera
Fixed CFM atd_id not matching the livery
Fixed cockpit dome light always on in external view
Reworked LOD system to fix FPS loss
Fixed small cockpit perf dip


Fixed various causes of errors throughout the EFB
Fixed race conditions in boarding status, including the way loadsheets are generated and sent
Fixed loadsheets not being generated when not using SimBrief
Fixed mismatching green dot speed between EFB and aircraft
Fixed mismatching SLT RETR and FLP RETR speeds between EFB and aircraft
Fixed THR RED and THR ACC not taking into account the configured acceleration height
Fixed incorrect ADC sent when departure time nears 0000Z
Fixed EFIS BARO CTL setting not saving
Fixed loadsheet error when starting boarding
Fixed issue with empty EOBT
Fixed refuelling in fast/slow mode using the incorrect unit
Fixed loadsheet ACARS messages not being acceptable

[Livery Manager]

Improved installation speed

Please note: due to art optimisations, please update your liveries in the Livery Manager so they remain compliant with the latest version of software. All liveries in the manager have been updated accordingly.

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