Тут вроде как годную штуку бесплатную завезли на гитхаб. Тулза помогает более тщательно контролировать и синхронизировать взаимодействие GSX с Airbus от Fenix.

Full and proper GSX Integration and Automation for the Fenix A320!

  1. The Refuel Service is filling the Tanks as planned (or more correctly GSX and Fenix are “synched”)
  2. Calling Boarding load’s Passengers and Cargo, as does Deboarding for unloading (or more correctly GSX and Fenix are “synched”)
  3. Ground Equipment (GPU, Chocks, PCA) is automatically set or removed
  4. All Service Calls except Push-Back, De-Ice and Gate-Selection can be automated
  5. GSX Audio can be controlled via the INT-Knob from the ACP in the Cockpit
  6. ATC Volume can be controlled via the VHF1-Knob from the ACP in Cockpit (or any other App you wish)
  7. The other Audio-Channels on the ACP can also be used to control the Volume of even more Apps
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