FSS E-Jets Update 0.9.26


Макс Брокен одобряет 😊. Обновилась вся линейка эмбраеров для MSFS, в которую внедрили новую версию автопилота и много других изменений


Список обновлений

Autopilot 2.0
Continuing on the success of the last update with the new AP’s ILS following logic, we’ve now implemented more new autopilots stuff – including new GO AROUND mode not previously featured with the MSFS autopilot. As well, we’ve now simulated OVERSPEED mode, where the AP and AT will automatically modulate pitch and thrust to prevent inadvertent overspeeds. We’ve also added the E-Jets’ TCS feature, where if you move the yoke while holding a specific button, the aircraft will temporarily give you manual control and disable the AP – before re-engaging it with the release of that button. We’ve chosen to do this automatically – if you move your physical hardware or press a control button, it will engage TCS automatically, and then release TCS when you stop moving your hardware. If you have older or jittery hardware, you may need to increase your dead zones to prevent accidental activation of TCS. Under the hood, we’ve changed how the AP actually controls the aircraft – the MSFS system lets us control only using elevator (best for large pitch adjustments) or only using trim (best for small adjustments) – which didn’t really work for us, as it meant that the aircraft would be either incredibly pitchy on a glideslope, with only big adjustments, or too slow to level out when climbing or descending with only small adjustments. We’ve thrown out this system and replaced it with our own which uses elevator and trim adjustments, depending on what action the AP is taking, to ensure smooth pitch adjustments whatever you may be trying to do. Unfortunately, all of this new AP tech doesn’t affect LNAV path tracking, as that still uses the default MSFS flight plan system, which our new AP can’t follow. This functionality is expected with the Custom FMS in a few months


Other (big) improvements
Apart from the AP, some major issues or missing functionality with the aircraft has been resolved – one of which is something many have been hoping for for months now. One of these is some new work for the PFD, some of which you may have spotted in ⁠screenshots a few weeks ago. We’ve added the approach status annunciations on the third line of the FMAs, which will display your approach type and if it is active whenever you are performing an approach. The really big thing this update is… drumroll please…

Direct-to on SID/STAR is now possible. We found a workaround in the MSFS flightplan system to allow this functionality – starting now – on ALL SIDs and STARs in the database. This should make VATSIM flying much easier for those who enjoy that, and general operations simpler when DTOs are needed. We know this is something you guys have been wanting for a long time, so we’re proud to bring this to you, even before cFMS, in this update.

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