GSX 3.0.6



– GSX Pro NEW: Seated Passengers support for Leonardo SH Maddog series.

– GSX Pro Change: Separate internal databases for MSFS and FSX/P3D airplanes, to prevent possible conflicting settings with airplanes using the same root folder name in all simulators (ex. PMDG 777) sharing settings they shouldn’t have.

– GSX Pro Fix: Pushback issues with PMDG 777 caused by the P3D internal settings being loaded in MSFS.

– GSX Pro Fix: Error in some walk-in gates.

– GSX Pro Fix: Better recognition of airplane liveries using packages with non-standard names.

– GSX Pro Fix: Error when closing the parking editor dialog while the profile .ini was still being read.

– GSX Pro NEW: Added custom Dynamic Lights to the cabin, to solve an issue with MSFS not calculating illumination for objects attached to the airplane, fixes the black passengers at night.

– GSX Pro NEW: GSX Menu now has an update notification sign (will be visible on the next update).

– GSX Pro Change: FSDT Installer now recognize Fenix Liveries in packages starting with “FNX_320”, which should allow support of more unofficial liveries with no renaming required.

– GSX Pro Change: Several Passenger models has been slightly scaled down to better fit seats.

– GSX Pro Change: Various minor improvements in several Passenger textures.

– GSX Pro Change: Passengers LOD Levels inside Cabin tweaked further to gain some fps.

– GSX Pro Change: Recognition of Row 13 missing from the A320, so the LVariable usable by developers will now match the actual row names better.

– GSX Pro NEW: Seated Passengers support added for Pilot’s Dash-7.

– GSX (all versions) Fix: Airport Walkers functions restored.

– GSX Pro Fix: Couatl restarter will only restore focus to MSFS in the event of a crash.

– GSX Pro Fix: Support in the installer for Fenix liveries with custom cabin models.

– GSX (all versions) Fix: Memory leak in airport profiles with Walkers.

– GSX Pro Fix: Improved error handling in the installer when dealing with non-ufficial Fenix liveries.

– GSX (all versions) Fix: Passengers not visible on Boarding on Jetways.

– GSX (all versions) Fix: Airport Walkers not visible on some profiles.

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