GSX PRO V 2.8.8


Сегодня вот еще обнову для GSX завезли. Где брать знаете же? 😊

GSX PRO New: Cargo Airplanes that don’t use ULDs, will now show Packages being loaded with the Conveyor Belt loader, instead of Luggage.
GSX PRO Change: Skin textures for some GSX Crew characters tweaked to appear less shiny.
GSX Pro Change: The PMDG integration will not set Payload or Fuel automatically if the existing value is already very close (within 10 kg) of the planned quantity on Simbrief.
GSX Pro Fix: PMDG integration will default to Imperial Units, to prevent conversion error from Simbrief planned Payload/Fuel, when no saved configuration for that loaded airframe is found.
GSX (FSX/P3D) Fix: Airplane stuck with simulation Disabled at the end of a Pushback when using a Towbarless tug with the “Pushback Raise” option enabled in the airplane profile.
GSX Pro Fix: Added exception to prevent removal of support ground vehicles in MK Studios airplanes.
GSX Pro Change: Some optimizations in VGDS text displays to improve responsivity.
GSX PRO New: The “UPS man” character used at Cargo Stands in FSDT KSDF has been remade from scratch for MSFS, replacing the previous version which was converted from FSX/P3D. An update to the airport will follow up to make the feature fully usable as it was in the FSX/P3D version.
GSX PRO New: Added SWS PC12 to GSX Internal Airplane Database.
GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Handling operators: VIAGS Handling (Vietnam), Thai Lion Air, BAGS (Thailand), Uplift Aviation Services, Romanian Airport Services, GlobeGround (Romania), LGS Handling (Cyprus), United Ground Express, Flight Services & Systems, United 1970/1990/2000 (USA), Leipzig-Halle Airport (Germany), Corporate Air, Altitude Island Logistics (Australia), UAB Handelshus (Lithuania), Roscosmos (Russia), Sagat (Italy).
GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Catering operators: Airo Catering Services Lietuva (Lithuania), Cabin Services Australia, Air Gourmet Hellas (Greece).

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