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В основном картинки, а под спойлером без перевода россказни Матиаса 😊

Рассказ от биг-босса Aerosoft о текущем состоянии дел

So it is Friday evening 19:16, I got a bottle of rather nice red open and as my wife is still on vacation I can play the Talking Heads (Remain in Light) as loud as I want. It has been a stressful week. And things will not get easier until we release.


This week we moved from pure development and showing our code only to pilot friends to showing it to a larger group of people. People who are not pilots.  Not really customers (that is in a later stage of the beta) but still, we show our cards for the first time. Some people call that beta. I do not buy the whole alpha/beta/release candidate idea because I feel a product like this, where the dev team is so close to customers is far more fluid. A release is just a point, the product does not stop developing. The key is to get that point right. And let me tell you, you never get that right. The life of a project manager sucks balls. Pity me.


Talking Heads finished.  Spend some time looking at my records and decided on “In the Wee SmallHours”
by Sinatra. I am an audiophile and I know that album is perfect for my fully analog setup.

So, we are in the beta stage. Normally that means you have all parts of the product ready and are testing.  Not the case with this project at this moment. But we need to know where we are, what works and what does not. With that information, we can decide where to focus our scarce resources.


Modeling, texturing, and almost all animations are solid. No worries about that.  In fact, Stefan and Anne are already working on the next bus.

Flight modeling, Engine modeling, and FADEC were massive issues, but we are 99% sure we can get within 3% of correct behavior. Any pilot will tell you that is fine as one airframe differs from another. Having two engines on one aircraft that differ by 3% is fine. Don’t be mistaken, 3% is pretty much state-of-the-art.

Manuals and E-manual are more or less okay. The PDF manuals will be fine and available on release, the E-manual which is one of the highlights of the project as we want to get even beginners to be able to fly the A330 will be available but will need to be updated with the latest changes in code.

Autopilot still needs work but is basically not very complex. It flies the route, does a cool ILS intercept, and lands fine.

Systems are more or less okay. This is one area where you can spend another 20 years because where the real aircraft just has to display what is happening, we need to model why it happens. So when a computer decides the cabin needs to be heated a bit, a system will divert heat from an engine to a heat exchanger and feed the warmed air to the cabin. That means the engine will be affected, the electrical system will be involved and that means the generators will need to provide a bit more power. And that drops the thrust of the engine. See the complexity? We have a whopping lot of that code running because of some professional spin-offs of the bus projects. It’s there and somewhere in Germany, a developer is crying because no customer will ever see it.

EFB, we are very proud of the EFB.  and while we need some tweaks, all is well. Navigraph, NavDataPro, weather, runway data, simbrief integration, are all working. I just love to be able to update the weather data automatically before planning an arrival, The fact we incorporated our own sat imagery so you can be sure you are doing your taxi route okay.. cool.


Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue. Possibly the finest record ever made. Refilled my glass.


MCDU, LNAV, VNAV… That is where we have most work open. Logically as it is by far the most complex part of the aircraft. LNAV seems to work, VNAV not so much but we know what we need to do.

ECAMS, loads of tweaks in fonts, placement, and things like that open (we had some bad luck in that part) but it is not code that affects flight.  Still one of my main worries now.

Marketplace. This is the work you need to do to get something on the Marketplace. Not only contracts but a whopping lot of things you have to add. Not complex but I still need a few days on that for sure.

Installer/Protection. With our own Aerosoft One system that is tried and tested (our DRM has not been hacked and has next to makes life for the customer easier (no need to enter any serial!s)) we are not worried about that at all.

Support, they are fully included in the testing so they should know what they need.

Marketing. This department will be getting all information from me very soon.  They will invite streamers to have a look at the product before release and get the word out to websites and magazines.

Sales still have to make sure that all our associate sale channels get all the marketing data and on release the files.


We’ll get there!

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