iniBuilds A300-600R v1.0.3


Все, хватит на сегодня. Больше не буду 😊. Но чтобы заняли что вышел апдейт и стоит обновиться.

Список обновлений

Art Fixes/Changes

Fixed – Shadow AO in Cabin
Fixed – Flap animation too slow
Fixed – F variant has slide arm stickers – also, action reversed
Fixed – Disable HF displays / make rotary moveable
Fixed – MCU Light Brightness Rotary doesn’t dim lights
Fixed – beacon light positions
Fixed – Freighter: Cargo hall lights bleed through cockpit door
Fixed – Extra dot on engine fuel display
Fixed – Oil gauges: remove orange pointer, two words and two white dots missing
Fixed – Galley AO texture

System Fixes/Changes

Fixed – When you turn off IRS 1 for you lose the ATT info on CPT PFD
Fixed – No fuel limitation on center tank
Fixed – Smoke detector test
Fixed – FMC not displaying waypoints on Airway page
Fixed – Mach PreSelect not working
Fixed – EFOB on CRZ and FUEL PRED page are different (possibly one is in KG, one in LBS)
Fixed – LDA approaches missing RJTT
Fixed – SPEED doesn’t automatically change to MACH at 25400ft in LVL/CH mode
Fixed – CPT FMS clearing properly on turnaround, but not FO
Fixed – [FUEL] When fuel pumps selected off fuel tanks during gravity feeding still emptying
Fixed – [FUEL] When FUEL ISOL valve is closed the fuel can still be drawn from the tank
Fixed – ADF needles inop
Fixed – Wrong TCAS test modeled
Fixed – RMI Heading bug bug
Fixed – Clock time counts faster when in external view
Fixed – OPT and MAX FL should be based on weights entered in FMC, not the actual weights manipulated by EFB
Fixed – TOD ETA in MCDU wrong
Fixed – HYD fluids don’t update on ECAM
Fixed – Turning on engine anti-ice should change n1 egt n2 etc
Added – Overtemp/speed pointers simulation on gauges and add max point reset on maintenance panel
Fixed – Some A/THR, TO CONFIG and FPA issues
Fixed – AP not upgrading from ALT* to ALT
Fixed – Because of above bug (ALT* to ALT) RNAV inop
Fixed – ECAM shows wrong SPLRs are faulty when turning off blue hyd system
Fixed – CG indication shows ZFWCG
Fixed – Anti-Ice inop
Fixed – MORE drag message not correct.
Fixed – TCAS displaying all altitudes regardless of setting
Fixed – Cant enter TROPO
Fixed – “THR” not reverting to armed after target N1 on takeoff
Fixed – [AFS] GW on ND not coming from weights typed into the FMS coming from sim weight
Fixed – [FMS] Change engine type to read A5 at the end not A1
Fixed – Aircraft not maintaining altitude in ALT
Fixed – Logitech Radio Panels adjust active and not standby frequency
Fixed – LDG INHIB and T.O. INHIB messages missing
Fixed – TPR doesn’t follow Accel/THR red heights in FMS
Fixed – TOC / BOD hockey sticks missing

EFB Fixes/Changes

Fixed – Setting fuel in the EFB to 999999999999999999 and then click apply and instantly finishing the refuelling makes the plane bunnyhop.
Fixed – Can’t disarm door 4R
Fixed – Maintenance has no effect on the aircraft
Fixed – APU oil level drained to 0% after loading in 2/3 times few users also reported this on the discord. You can see the even counter is 21 but hours are 0 so should still have 39+ hours of fuel in
Fixed – Maintenance doesn’t seem to work – nothing seems to be saved
Added – Close the menu for panelstates once any panelstate button is pressed please
Fixed – TORA no effect on V-Speeds
Fixed – Takeoff Performance gives illogical numbers
Fixed – Stutters caused by EFB
Fixed – Generating new flightplan on SB doesn’t refresh the Charts DEP/ARR even after pulling flightplan from SB again
Fixed – Visuals for W/B when updating payload
Fixed – Plane on Navigraph charts is offset
Fixed – Perf page shows units as kgs if lbs are selected in settings
Fixed – Weight on Perf page still shows lbs in column despite reflecting KG value
Fixed – units on performance page not updating with selection in settings (values correct)
Fixed – EFB performance not visually switching to imperial units
Fixed – No LBS shown on payload or performance sections
Fixed – Battery/Loading symbol flashing for me all the time
Fixed – Altimeter settings don’t stick
Fixed – Unable to compute TO for values 170000 kg and above
Fixed – TCA stuck in reverse
Added – Deadzone to throttle calibration for reverse on axis throttles
Fixed – When refuelling, fuel always starts at 0 and not the current fuel
Fixed – No limit on payload fields
Added – Ability to drag charts
Added – many other suggestions for EFB charts
Added – dark mode for charts
Added – negative sign value for weather perf page
Added – Confirmation prompt to panel state buttons
Added – OFP Viewer to EFB
Added – A “disarm all doors” option to the EFB
Fixed – EFB inserts wrong HDG into takeoff calc
Fixed – Loading time remaining blocks FLEX value and chart controls
Added – Deadzone to throttle calibration for reverse on axis throttles
Added – Freighter: Way to unload the cargo. Once selected you can’t unload it
Fixed – When loading in with PAX and F and using a custom payload and pressing apply it seems to add full fuel for some reason when fuel was set to zero

Sounds Fixes/Changes

Fixed – No change in ambient volume when FD door opened if main cabin door is open
Fixed – Sound stage not changing when main cargo door is open
Fixed – Spoiler sound stops after them being deployed
Fixed – [GPWS] The time the GPWS callouts sound.
Fixed – When BAT only sound even loops after I would guess 50 seconds
Fixed – FCU knob and button sounds not present anymore
Fixed – Wind noise seems rather inconsistent.
Fixed – Loop when at TOGA on the ground every 5-6 seconds
Fixed – Buzzsaw completely disappears as soon as behind the halfway point on the wing
Fixed – GPWS sounds too quiet
Fixed – When in the flight deck you can hear the flaps motor for about 1-2 seconds when they start moving, should not be able to hear them at all in flight deck
Fixed – Can’t hear the Altitude Alerter
Fixed – Hissing point in the background noise during lower level climb out. It seems to fade in and out again
Fixed – When in flight with one engine shutdown and APU running you can hear that ELEC sound again even in flight
Fixed – Engine loop obvious at cruise
Fixed – engine sound feedback
Fixed – Missing sound event – CAPT/FO Oxy Test “hiss”
Fixed – When turning on APU bleed with an entry door open (but cabin door closed) the external APU sounds seem to play in the flightdeck
Fixed – Missing sound event – CAPT/FO Oxy Test “hiss”
Fixed – When turning on APU bleed with an entry door open (but cabin door closed) the external APU sounds seem to play in the flightdeck

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