iniBuilds A300-600R v1.0.4


Относительно уже свежая модель самолета получила очередной апдейт версии 1.04:

Список обновлений

Art Fixes/Changes
– Fixed – EMER Exit Disarm light inop
– Fixed – N1 Max needle moving when it should be stationary
– Fixed – Missing flags on instruments when aircraft in C&D state
– Fixed – Pax: Crew Oxy gauges wrong, upper one should say HP
– Fixed – FO sun visor the wrong way round
– Fixed – Beacon lights flash marginally too quickly, should be once every second
– Fixed – Life vest decal not moving with chair
– Fixed – Phantom Orange Bug on EGT gauge
– Fixed – Integral light missing for ECAM display knobs

System Fixes/Changes
– Fixed – [VNAV] VNAV seems to be aiming for the FAF as the runway so the DECLL segment is too early
– Fixed – Opening CPT DH window closes the speed window, but the speed value can still be scrolled and changed
– Fixed – Block fuel totalizer only shows KG value
– Fixed – Change POV L & POV R quickview
– Fixed – Possible to have less fuel in the aircraft when C&D
– Fixed – Unable to modify altitudes in GO AROUND PAGE
– Fixed – GPS altitude displays indicated altitude
– Fixed – Issues with entering airways
– Fixed – N2 Overspeed Pointer inop
– Fixed – Two adjustments for the C&D panel state
– Fixed – Waypoint entered in left MCDU on prog page will replicate on right MCDU
– Fixed – Some more routes where the TOC/BOD markers aren’t showing up
– Fixed – Manual selected VOR reverts to autotune – This might not be a bug
– Fixed – ECAM says VLE at gear down is 250, should say 270 as on speed tape
– Fixed – EGT starts at 84°C, should be OAT
– Fixed – Throttle goes into idle on bumpy runway

EFB Fixes/Changes
– Fixed – Auto tiller disconnect setting not saving
– Fixed – default THR setting not saving
– Fixed – Prepopulated weights always in KG
– Fixed – Door all close command missed R1
– Fixed – Oil replenishes itself between flights.

Sounds Fixes/Changes
– Fixed – ALT HLD sound switch plays when FMA mode changes
– Fixed – GPWS callouts still a bit too quiet
– Fixed – some 1.0.3 sound feedback
– Fixed – WX switch no sound from 2 to off
– Further sound mixing levels

Tool Tips Fixes/Changes

– Fixed – Dome Light missing TT

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