Обновление GSX и скидка 25%


В связи с выходом крупного обновления MSFS, обновили и GSX Pro. А по промокоду FSDTSU12 получите скидку 25% на все продукты

  • список обновлений
    • GSX MAJOR UPDATE: Support for the Sim Update 12 Navdata API, which allows proper Jetway recognition and handling in a more streamlined way, to solve all issues previously caused by the inability to detect jetways reliably, like invisible Passengers, Passengers walking on air, or Jetways retracting unpredictably.
    • GSX Pro NEW: Overall performance improvements due to using the new Simconnect feature added in SU12, to access L: Variables directly, bypassing the WASM module for all these. Reduced latency in the menu and in all cases were using L: variables are involved
    • GSX Pro NEW: Menu more responsive, in party due to Simbrief data read asynchronously. The menu will open without waiting for Simbrief to reply, and the Simbrief button will automatically refresh on opening, after receiving the flightplan data.
    • GSX Pro CHANGE: Usage of the SU12 Navdata is Enabled by default and it’s always active, since there aren’t any side-effects that could require going back to the legacy “Airport Cache” method, due to all the improvements in the SU12 SDK.
    • GSX Pro Fix: Solved a case when the GSX menu would be stuck on Loading.
    • GSX Pro Fix: Solved a case where the menu would automatically hide.
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