Self-Loading Cargo 1.6.3


Большое обновление достаточно интересной и прикольной утилиты которая очень сильно разнообразит ваши полеты. В новой версии завезли аудиоредактор (можно делать свои саундпаки)  и поддержку кнопок. В общем штука нужная и полезная. Стоит всего 22 бакса. Рекомендую сходить к Леониду за покупкой 😊

ADDED – Phase 1 of Audio Manager (v0.1) to assist in managing Airline Soundpacks
ADDED – “Announcements Only” mode to allow cabin announcements only if you do not wish to use the fully interactive version.
ADDED – Option to play “Attention” noise when passengers are all onboard / offloaded, or “Dong Dong” if preferred – assists “Announcement only” mode
ADDED – First stage integration of Fenix A320 B2 PA button to SLC PA System.
ADDED – First stage integration of Fenix A320 B2 CAB button to SLC Intercom System to answer / instigate comms with FA.
ADDED – First stage integration of Fenix A320 B2 INT/MECH button to SLC Ground Crew to answer / instigate comms with Ground Crew
ADDED – Support for both of the above to either highlight 3d cockpit button from the SLC UI, or open SLC UI from 3d cockpit.
ADDED – Option to limit voice command display on helper window to only those available on the comms interface currently active on the main UI (off by default, see Settings > General > User Interface > Voice Recognition Helper Window
ADDED – “SLC UI” toggle button to Voice Helper window to show/hide the main interface without having to use system tray menu.
UPDATED – “Doors to Manual” will now only be triggered in automatic mode if Landing time is 30 seconds ago AND either the taxi lights are turned off, or the seatbelt sign is turned off
UPDATED – Better CPU usage and error handling when FSUIPC becomes unavailable (or has not started yet)
UPDATED – Passengers will no longer request attention from the crew while they’re securing the cabin for takeoff or landing
UPDATED – GForce accuracy on landing is improved
UPDATED – 80kts/100kts/PosRate will not play if in “Announcements Only” mode
UPDATED – Score System now only shows relevant score items based on flight type (Normal / Announcement Only)
UPDATED – Landing Rate display on progress window now separates colours for Landing Rate and GForce – only the one which is used to determine the final landing rating will be coloured – the other will be gray. (i.e. if Comfort is favoured, the GForce will be coloured and the landing rate in ft/min will be gray).
UPDATED – Landing Rate score on flight report should now show green “pass” colour even if the score is not perfect, until such a point that it is a warning / failure then it changes to orange / red.
UPDATED – Better crew intelligence so that tasks which require completion before being seated (when commanded by Captain) can complete even if it means a score can potentially fail (i.e. turning the WIFI off before takeoff, locking toilets etc). Especially in automatic mode.
UPDATED – UI Update so Delays / Lateness will now alternate between saying “Late” and “X Mins” on the flight progress window in alternating fashion
UPDATED – UI Update so “Off blocks” section will show “Delay” or “Late” during pre-pushback state.
UPDATED – UI shows small right-facing arrow to denote extended toolbar on display
UPDATED – Crew will play “Dong Dong” instead of “Ding Dong” when cabin is secured for takeoff/landing
UPDATED – When instant boarding/deboarding, the “Attention” noise will be used in place of the “Dong Dong” if selected in settings.
FIXED – GForce formatting now corrected so that (example) 1.2g is treated as 1.20g correctly, and not 0.12g resulting in a failure on the landing rate scoring system
FIXED – Fixed issue with randomly selecting audio files when multiple parameters specified in the filename
FIXED – Turning on the fuel pumps should no longer trigger refuelling detection when using MSFS 787 aircraft
FIXED – When crew are instructed to be seated for takeoff/landing, any outstanding Freeze/Defrost WIFI() commands will no longer be deferred until after takeoff/landing – so the WIFI should not get suspended at an incorrect time if it does not get completed before the seating command.
FIXED – You can now only restore flights if the SLC version you’re running matches the saved flight version.
FIXED – WIFI should now correctly suspend during takeoff/landing
FIXED – Better handling of SLC window positioning when on first run after upgrading from v1.55
FIXED – When WIFI not available, WIFI button no longer shows on In-Flight Services Window
FIXED – When WIFI not available, IFE no longer selectable on the Aircraft Layout Window
FIXED – When WIFI not available, WIFI-related passenger filtering not available on the Aircraft Layout Window
FIXED – When WIFI not available, any related flight scores are disabled
FIXED – When reverting back to Cruise from Descent (flight level change), all scores related to descent will be reset (unless relevant pre-announcements have already played) so you should no longer be pinged for not announcing descent if you are simply changing to a lower flight level.
FIXED – Block time on aircraft layout window now displays from new score system rather than legacy ratings system
FIXED – Block Time on aircraft layout window now displays from OFF BLOCK to ON BLOCK time instead of since the flight started boarding until deboarding.
FIXED – When “Export Data” is turned on, a previously specified output path which doesn’t exist any more will no longer cause the application to crash
FIXED – WIFI will no longer turn itself back on if safety announcement is still being played when crew take seats after securing the cabin.
FIXED – Cabin crew will not take their seats until safety announcement finishes playing

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