Self-Loading Cargo v.1.6.2


Прям так хорошенечко обновили утилиту и добавили плотную интеграцию с GSX. Полный лог под спойлером

Список фиксов
04/11/2023 – ADDED: GSX Pushback Integration
04/11/2023 – ADDED: GSX Boarding Integration
04/11/2023 – ADDED: GSX Loading Integration
04/11/2023 – ADDED: GSX Deboarding Integration
04/11/2023 – ADDED: GSX Offloading Integration
04/11/2023 – ADDED: If SLC is ready to board, but GSX boarding has not been called, SLC will not start boarding passengers
04/11/2023 – ADDED: if SLC is not ready to board but GSX boarding has started, SLC will start boarding anyway
04/11/2023 – ADDED: When SLC detects GSX passengers onboard without boarding permission, permission is granted automatically since the captain started boarding via GSX.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: When SLC detects GSX passengers onboard without crew reaching boarding positions, passengers are still allowed onboard while crew take positions in the cabin.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: When SLC detects GSX passenger onboard without boarding permission, SLC suppresses boarding permission request event, assumes permission was granted and informs captain that passengers have started coming onboard instead.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: When SLC detects GSX passenger onboard without boarding permission, SLC suppresses “initial information to captain” event if in progress, assumes permission has been granted to board and proceeds to welcome the passengers onboard.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: When SLC / GSX passenger mismatch occurs on passenger count (i.e Simbrief / Cabin Layout seatcount mismatch) during boarding, SLC will wait while either GSX finishes, or SLC boards passengers that GSX did not board.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: If GSX is boarding and numGSXPax > numCheckedInPax, automatically “check in” the passenger so that they may board and remain in sync.
06/11/2023 – ADDED: When GSX is used for Loading, Ground Authorisation is immediately given once the loaders arrive.
04/11/2023 – ADDED: SLC Ground Crew will detect GSX ground crew loading request and connect to the aircraft even if loading is not due yet
04/11/2023 – ADDED: SLC Ground Crew will announce loading the aircraft once GSX loading started
04/11/2023 – ADDED: SLC Ground Crew will load the aircraft at the same rate as GSX, even with multiple baggage trucks
14/11/2023 – ADDED: Close button added to the user interface while setting up a flight to allow exiting SLC without needing the system tray menu.
17/11/2023 – ADDED: You can now manually start boarding at any point by calling the Intercom and saying “Ready To Start Boarding”
23/11/2023 – ADDED: Ability to turn on/off cabin crew commentary on excessively smooth or rough landings after deboarding
24/11/2023 – ADDED: Automatic import from SimBrief during startup (if username set up)
15/11/2023 – UPDATED: Automation trigger for “Cabin Crew Resume Duties” changed from “Flaps 0” to either “Flaps 0 AND altimeter set to 1013” or “Altitude above 3000ft AND Seatbelt Sign OFF”
15/11/2023 – UPDATED: Automation trigger for “Seats for Takeoff” now changed to play automatically when Landing Lights turned on during taxi (if Automated Captain turned on).
15/11/2023 – UPDATED: Score penalty / pass disabled when in Automated Captain mode and “Seats for Takeoff” announced.
16/11/2023 – UPDATED: When cabin is secure, Captain now has options to immediately say “Take your seats” or “I’ll call you when you need to be seated” rather than having to traverse the “thanks”, and “we’ll get seated once you tell us” (if desired).
16/11/2023 – UPDATED: Automation (for the above dialog) when captain is speaking now has 50% chance of being selected over the normal dialog to mix things up a little.
25/11/2023 – UPDATED: TTS {doorCount} variable updated to include LB-x and CAT-x door definition entries when included in a layout.
05/11/2023 – FIXED: Captain should no longer be asked if he wants a “drink/food”, or any further “Welfare checks” performed by the crew once “Prepare Cabin For Arrival” has been announced.
05/11/2023 – FIXED: Surface type of “SNOW” and “ICE” now supported as legitimate places for the aircraft to be while taxiing and taking off
05/11/2023 – FIXED: File selection on Stream Overlay template will now correctly recognise .htm/.html file types
05/11/2023 – FIXED: Punctuality description message on flight reports should now be correctly generated when departing or arriving earlier than planned
05/11/2023 – FIXED: If Captain says “Pushback not required”, Engine Startup Communication scores [to ground crew] will no longer be active.
06/11/2023 – FIXED: Better engine N1 level detection for an “active or spooling engine” to stop triggering the “spooling without notifying ground crew” score when parked (especially on X-Plane!)
06/11/2023 – FIXED: Cabin Crew + Ground Crew will now announce “around 5 minutes remaining” when asking about board/loading instead of saying “10 minutes remaining” if, e.g. 7 minutes are remaining. They always pick the lower threshold now. Less than 5 minutes will say, e.g. “a few minutes”.
06/11/2023 – FIXED: Passengers will no longer wait for a doorway to be free of another passenger when boarding the aircraft and using “non-random” boarding time, so as to adhere to the boarding speed slider a little more accurately when it is set to a fast boarding speed.
06/11/2023 – FIXED: Engine Startup Comms will no longer be marked as “Failed” if Pushback not required from the gate
11/11/2023 – FIXED: Soundpack Announcements (Safety/After Landing etc) will no longer play via TTS output if TTS Crew Voice in use.
13/11/2023 – FIXED: Checklist/Scoring Window “Snap to Current Phase” will now work a little better when re-opening the window
14/11/2023 – FIXED: When securing the cabin for takeoff/landing, when passengers request attention only Cabin Crew who are not performing cabin safety checks will respond.
14/11/2023 – FIXED: If “Short Cruise” is announced to the passengers, any scoring/checklist items for “Pre Descent” or “Top of Descent” are now Disabled and will not result in a Fail.
19/11/2023 – FIXED: If “Automated” Captain selected, LandingTimeExpectationResult will no longer be subject to scoring penalties
27/11/2023 – FIXED: Offloading procedure will no longer fail if Bags = 0 when ground crew connect to aircraft
28/11/2023 – FIXED: X-Plane deboarding procedure no longer dependent on ground crew having been connected to flight deck via comms at any point


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