Забирайте обновление для ACTIVE SKY


HiFi выкатили апдейт 042724 – B8883 (1.0.8883.1882). Качать ведь знаете где? 😊

  • Added new option “Periodic theme reload interval”, now set to your desired interval (default 15) or disable and use download interval only for theme reloads. See user’s guide for further information.
  • Added instant weather reset when meters/ft units changed to prevent slow smoothing of clouds associated with different altitude values
  • Added automatic start of ActiveSkyUtils.exe if it’s not already running, and the simulator is, to prevent connection issues in case there is a problem auto-starting ActiveSkyUtils.exe from the simulator exe.xml directly
  • Added automatic re-hide of ASFS toolbar button in sim (this is not used currently and should not be visible, even if you re-enabled it by disabling and re-enabling the ASFS toolbar item)
  • Moved Navigraph data from [AS install folder]\NavigraphData to C:\users[username]\appdata\roaming\HiFi\AS_FS\NavigraphData for compatibility with latest Navigraph data management and updater tools for MSFS
  • Vis/humidity adjustments per feedback
  • Re-enabled dewpoint setting in custom wx setting wizard (dewpoint setting may not be readable in MSFS and is occasionally altered by ASFS for humidity/visibility control)
  • Fixed new issue with Russian and potentially other MSFS language settings causing units conversion problems (baro, alt, wind speed errors) in some unit modes
  • Fixed issue where changing units mode could cause baro pressure to take a long time to smooth to new value (now instantly switches baro after detected units change)
  • Attempted fix for startup form not showing up in some cases requiring a force close/restart to get form to show
  • Removed option “Use period theme reloads”
  • Updated documentation and readme
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